Laguiole Flatware & Steak Knives

Handcrafted in France from the highest quality materials, Laguiole flatware such as spoons, forks and steak knives will be cherished as heirloom quality pieces. We offer a wide selection of the most exquisite flatware sets from Laguiole, France including full 24-piece cutlery sets, steak knives and carving sets, presented in beautifully manufactured gift boxes.

All our table setting pieces possess the bold aesthetic and quality craftsmanship that have made Laguiole a world-renowned French brand in stores and family collections alike. The brand's rich history, and the robust build of each piece of flatware, make Laguiole a premier choice among wine & gastronomy lovers for dining.

The detailing and care taken on the blades and handle designs of these utensils have customers raving with four star reviews after shopping. "The quality is impressive" Jane comments about the items. "The best gift of the holiday season" James writes about Laguiole by Jean Dubost.

Pictured: Laguiole Flatware Olivewood Jean Dubost #36493

Laguiole Flatware & Steak Knives

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