Champagne Glasses

Sophisticated Champagne and sparkling wine glasses are designed to allow the glass to be held in your hand without affecting the temperature of the drink. If you are looking for the best Champagne glasses for parties and special occasions, shop at IWA.

Slender, tall flutes showcase the beverage's elegant appearance while preserving the festive bubbles or choose vintage coupe shaped bowls. Customers love these dining favorites. Giving them four stars, Dawn calls them "simply gorgeous" and Ninette reviews these event glasses as "great value!"

Showcase the delicate effervescence and aromas of sparkling wine on your palate with these styles of crystal wine glasses for your home bar.

The durable toasting flutes and coupe glasses are designed for bubbly wines like Champagne, Cava, Lambrusco and Prosecco or celebration cocktails such as mimosas or a festive Kir Royale.

Pictured: Schott Zwiesel Champagne Coupes #17700

Champagne Glasses