Riedel Wine & Bar Glasses

Riedel wine glasses strike the right balance between design & value. We carry a wide variety of Riedel brands including Sommeliers, Winewings, Vinum and Vinum XL, O wine glasses and dozens of Riedel decanters.

With a history of innovation and glassware experience, the Riedel family has spent generations perfecting stemware and decanters. Designed to allow aromas to blossom, each stem is carefully calibrated to its varietal. The tradition is being carried on by Georg Riedel, who recently inspired the Winewings collection.

Made in Europe, Riedel glassware brings out the subtle nuances of fine wines, so they can reach their full potential. Customers around the world love the style, shape, size and variety of glasses available. Combining the latest technology with an appreciation of classic beauty, Riedel is the ultimate dining choice for any beverage—from Cabernet Sauvignon to a festive martini.

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Riedel Wine Glasses

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