Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Keep your fine wines within the perfect humidity and temperature range with our industry-leading wine cellar cooling units. Achieving ideal cellar conditions has never been easier.

We offer self-contained cooling units that are ready to go right out of the box, or choose our split cooling systems that have separate evaporators and condensers, to locate the heat and noise remotely in your space. Our ducted air handler wine cellar cooling systems can be self-contained or split, and can be configured to add heat and / or humidity in most environments.

Features our cellar refrigeration systems offer include:

  • Digital temperature and adjustable humidity control from 55 to 70%
  • Perfect storage conditions for your fine wine collection
  • We offer only the best brand options: CellarPro and WhisperKool
  • Made in the USA and thus meets all the highest quality standards
  • Variety of configuration options, including indoor vs outdoor exposure, and ducted vs ductless installation
  • Dependable performance for your wine room or wine fridge cabinet

Wine Cellar Cooling Units & Refrigeration Systems

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CellarPro 1800QT-ECX Cooling Unit #1084
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Self Contained Front Vent 1800XTSr-ECX #35882
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Self Contained Houdini Cooling Unit 1800H-ECX #25544
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Self Contained Cooling Unit 1/3 Ton 3200VSi-ECX #1616
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Recessed Ceiling Mount 2/5 Ton 4000Scmr-EC #34217
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Recessed Ceiling Mount 1/4 Ton 3000Scmr-EC #32032
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CellarPro 2000VSi-ECX Cooling Unit #27056
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Self Contained 6200VSi-ECX 3/4 Ton #14679
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Ducted Split Air Handler 1 Ton AH8500Sx-ECX #7110
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Split Cooling Unit 1 Ton 8000S-EC #1765
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Split Cooling Unit 3/4 Ton 6000S-EC #1764
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Split Cooling Unit 2/5 Ton 4000S-EC #1763
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