Wine Glass Charms & Markers

Keep Track of your Wine Glass

Personalize your wine glasses with our impressive range of wine glass markers. Also called charms, tags or labels, these stylish wine accessories allow you to customize your glasses while making it easy for guests to identify them.

They are perfect for a party or wedding, and suitable for any type of wine glass and champagne flute. They also make the perfect gift or party favor for a wine lover.

When people are shopping for wine tasting party charms, these pieces have received four star reviews. Joella says she "absolutely loved them!" Whether you are headed for the beach or prepping cocktails for friends, these pendants are the best choice for marking your crystal.

Popular glass markers we offer include:

  • Magnetic-backed wine charms that attach to the glass like jewelry
  • Dinner party wine glass charms that clip around the base of stemware
  • Slippers that fit around the base, and protect the surface under the glass
  • Wine glass stickers that affix to the glass for special occasions
  • Wine pen writers & drink markers with erasable ink in a variety of colors
  • Wine veils that fit over the glass and protect your wine from dust and bugs
  • Different designs, shapes, styles, options and colors to match your branding or event

Pictured: Wine Glass Writer Pens Metallic #7415

Wine Glass Markers, Charms and Accessories

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