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Watch the dramatic cascade of wine on the decanter walls as you empty an entire bottle.

  • Aerates and decants an entire bottle in less than 2 minutes
  • Evaporates acidity and bitterness, allowing taste and aroma to fully develop
  • Wine can be served from the carafe or poured back into the original bottle
  • Beautiful, lead-free crystal
  • Holds 48 oz

Menu Wine Breather Decanter (P/N 4680069). In less than 2 minutes, aerate and decant an entire bottle of wine with a dramatic, hands-free cascade. Serve and store your wine from the decanter, or turn upside down and use the original bottle to serve and store the wine. Made from lead-free glass.

Brand: Menu

UPC: 5709262961351

Size: 12h (in)

Weight: 3.1 lbs

Capacity: 48 ounces

Material: Crystal

amber waits


Fabulous find

Love this Decanter. Works great for parties so you can keep wine in bottle so guests know the vineyard. Would recommend

Carneros Red


Works as advertised but has waviness in the glass

This decanter is perfect for parties when I am serving more bottles of wine than I have decanters. I can aerate the wine with this and then put it back into the original bottle. I cannot give it five stars because of the waviness in the glass around the neck. At this price point, I do not expect imperfections in the glass even though it does not affect the performance of the decanter. It does work well and as advertised in quickly opening up a bottle of wine.

Frank -


Worked well a few times, but physics got in the way

I really wanted to like this decanter, but the laws of physics got in the way. After using the decanter with a few bottles over a few weeks, I was draining the wine back into a bottle, when about 3/4 of the way through the bubbling/aerating action was enough to ever so slightly tip the decanter to one side and I watched helplessly from across the kitchen as the decanter and bottle tipped over and shattered against the granite countertop and wine splashed everywhere. I must admit when I first got the decanter I was worried about how top-heavy it was when pouring the wine back into the bottle. I double checked the instructions and nowhere does it say to hold the decanter/bottle during the aeration process. Plus that would be terribly inconvenient since it does take some time to fully drain. I'm not sure why after almost 3/4 of the wine draining back into the bottle it would tip over, but it did. As always, I made sure the decanter was well seated and level before letting go.

Jeffrey B Hechter -


Quick double decant

Love the decanter. Very easy to do a double decant before having wine. Really makes a difference in the taste.

Sharon -


Works exactly like it's supposed to

Works like a charm, I was worried about leakage but there was none. Much easier way to decant and aerate all in one.