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After acquiring Rogar® in 2018, IWA is the exclusive provider of authentic Rogar Estate and Champion products. Rogar openers are famed for their quality and durability, featuring the finest components and providing years of flawless service. Champion and Estate wine openers are ingenious 19th century American reproduction corkscrews that can open both standard and flanged wine bottles.

To open a bottle, start with the handle to the rear, then clamp the bottle neck and pull the handle forward to remove the cork. Estate openers are made with aluminum components and are available in a Bronze finish. Champion openers are made with Zinc Alloy components and are available in a Silver finish.

  • Made with premium components
  • Designed to last for years
  • Ingenious 19th century Americana reproduction corkscrews
  • These are authentic Rogar openers, not imitations

Pictured: Rogar Estate Opener Bronze #30512