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Wine Check Luggage Bag Only Red (P/N WINECHECK). Don't Ship Your Wine, Check It!

The Wine Check is a safe, convenient, and economical way to ship up to one case (12 bottles) of wine to and from where ever you travel, in an FAA-approved package! Your wine is protected by Wine Check's patent-pending design, that encloses your wine in a wine shipper box* inside the secure padded case. It's lightweight (under 5 lbs.) and the attached wheels and strap make it easy to roll behind you! When packed with 12 bottles, The Wine Check stays under the 50 lb. airline weight limit for luggage! The Wine Check is collapsible and reusable, so you can store it and use it whenever you want to take wine with you. Whether you're purchasing wine on a vacation or want to take some on a trip, The Wine Check makes traveling with wine safe and easy and costs less then shipping it!

Dimensions: 16w x 17d x 22h (in use) 22w x 17d x 7h (folded) (in).

*Styrofoam shipper box, carton, and cold pack not included.

Purchase our Wine Check Complete Set to receive the Wine Check with the shipper box and 3oz cold pack.

If you purchase the bag only, the best places to look for a wine shipper box are offsite wine storage facilities, since they receive so many shipper boxes for their clients. Be sure to call ahead first. Also, local chain liquor and wine stores will sell shipper boxes in the back of the store. Also, larger wine shops often have shipper boxes that they are happy to unload for free or a small price.

According to the manufacturer, the Wine Check fits nearly ALL wine shipper boxes and inserts (they've yet to find one that doesn't fit). The preferred, and most common, shipper box size is 18.5 x 14 x 16 inches.

While nearly all of the lay-down, pulp wine shippers will fit in The Wine Check, some airlines REQUIRE Styrofoam.
The Wine Check (Bag Only). Approved by the FAA to be checked as luggage, the Wine Check bag, together with a shipper box and 3oz cold pack (sold separately), will protect your wine as it travels in the belly of the plane.

The Wine Check (Bag Only). Approved by the FAA to be checked as luggage, the Wine Check bag, together with a shipper box and 3oz cold pack (sold separately), will protect your wine as it travels in the belly of the plane.

Brand: Wine Check 

Size: 16w x 17d x 22h (in) 

Weight: 5.4 lbs 

Capacity: 12 Bottles 

Ratings & Reviews

13 reviews

What else could be better?


This bag is the perfect size for shipping that case of wine home safely. I already had the cardboard and styrofoam inserts so they fit perfectly. I bought on the advice of a friend and I am glad I did.

Great sidekick to wine vacation


This is a well made bag. The fabric is heavy and puncture resistant. The wheels are great and smooth rolling, they remind me of rollerblade wheels. Buy this item with the insert unless you already have styrofoam to fit.



This is exactly what I've been looking for and it worked perfectly on our most recent trip. It's amazing how many people asked about it and where they could go to get their own.

Wine Check Bag


We travel often to visit friends or as a Family desiring to have our wine either as a gift or for our enjoyment. Several Caribbean cruises have resulted in our trying to pack the allowed allotment of wine for our dinners in carry-ons which creates difficulties. This Wine Check Bag has solved this problem with a safe, sturdy carrier for a case or less of wine. Easy to pull along and afterwards, folds away for easy storage. We use the cases/insulation from those wines we receive and discard them afterwards, making the process seamless. Great idea!

Sturdy, but a bit thicker than expected


After our recent visit to New York's Finger Lakes region, where we discovered more good wines than we expected resulting in our shipping a case of wine home to California, we finally decided to buy this bag for future trips. Haven't used it yet, but our initial impressions are:

- Appears to be sturdy and well-made.

- Reasonably lightweight.

- When folded, it's thicker than we expected (about seven inches at the end with the wheels) -- but we should have anticipated that since it a) has wheels (duh!) and b) needs to have enough structure at that end to support the load of 12 wine bottles! Fortunately, the suitcase that we'll carry this in is expandable so we won't have to cut back (much) on the items that we'd usually pack for a trip.

- The red color makes it stand out; we hope that will cause baggage handlers to be a bit careful with it.

- Should save us quite a bit on shipping wines home in the future, even after paying $25 to check the extra bag.

We look forward to putting the bag to use the next time we fly someplace where wineries will be on the agenda!

Re: TSA comments below


5L limit only relates to alcoholic beverages greater than 24%.

Good Protection for your Wines


Bag is sturdy with good handles. Like other reviewers, the handle strap seems misplaced. It should be higher on the side. The low location makes it harder to use due to the angle you're pulling. We ended up running the strap up through the handle to help with this, but it obviously shortened the strap.

This bag does not work with some of the current case boxes. It's sized for traditional boxes with Styrofoam inserts. However, wineries are using fewer Styrofoam carriers. As they go green, recyclable boxes of cardboard or fiberboard type material (think heavy duty egg crates) are used almost exclusively. These boxes & inserts are usually larger than the boxes utilizing Styrofoam inserts.

Just got the bag

by -

Have not used it yet, but it is much larger than I expected. Folded flat it fits nicely in my suitcase. Doesn't fold as flat as I expected because of the wheels but it will work. Our trip is coming up soon. I think we will bring a roll of bubble wrap and just get a box from one of the wineries. I'm excited to see how it works.

TSA rules


I just talked to TSA and they said I can only check 5L per bag, thus my husband and I would EACH have to check our 5L in separate bags vs. all 12 bottles in one wine check - anyone have experience with this?

I had one, now i have three


I agree with the 4 wheels comment but there isn't much else out there that does what this does and I needed to bring back as luggage a bunch of bottles we didn't want to trust to shipping. Anytime you drag 3 bright red bags into the airport you are going to get a few looks.

a little wonky


We do love the wine bag - we have 2. But I agree, it is a little wonky. I rigged up a handle extension that works better. And yes, a cardboard case works just as well as the styrofoam insert.

Nice Bag,could use a little design change


Nice bag, but I'd change the design a little. It would be easier to use if it had 4 wheels instead of 2, to pull it like a wagon. As it is now, fully loaded with wine, it's a bit challenging to pull and balance the weight.



Took this with us on our wine trip to France. Worked perfectly - used my own box I had from one of my wine shipments since the shippimg was crazy expensive when you look to buy the complete set. It gets a lot of looks everywhere you are since it is so bright! Would definitely recommend this item (and actually have)! Would make a great gift for that oenophile in your life.