Replacement Worm/Auger Kit for Estate Openers #19126

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Replacement Worm/Auger Kit for Estate Openers (P/N 19126). The kit includes a replacement Teflon-coated worm and a plastic slug.

Estate Openers sold separately.

The replacement worm/auger kit is compatible with our new Estate Openers, and may also be compatible with other manufacturers' Estate and Legacy openers, including Rogar and Wine Enthusiast.
  • Replacement worm/auger kit for Estate Openers
  • Compatible with all IWA openers
  • May be compatible with other manufacturers' openers, such as Wine Enthusiast and Rogar
Brand: IWA 

Weight: 0.2 lbs 

Replace without worry

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I have a couple of older Estate corkscrews which get significant use. This part seems to regularly fail. I was apprehensive of this replacement part, since the auger looked different than mine - but the price was dramatically more reasonable than found elsewhere. It installed perfectly and works without issue. Great price on a successful replacement piece - even for older units.

Not for Vinter model

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I took a chance these would work on the old rogar Vinter (brass) openers. They do not. I also tried them on the rogar Champion model, but they didn't on these either.

These slugs are just a little too big to work properly. Also, the screws will not work in the rogar slugs.

To bad a own a winery and get the rogars in for repair all the time. Now that I can't get parts from rogar I am not sure what I will do.


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Very easy to order, great and fast services.

A great product at a great price!!

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I needed a new replacement worm and I purchased form IWA. The part arrived very quickly. IWA provided very good directions and good price!!

Would buy again

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Fast delivery, good quality, company first class. Only reason I didn’t give 5 stars was after installing part it operated a little to stiff during the penitration cycle but fine the rest of the time. I suspect it will break in ok after more use.


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Arrived as planned and easy to install works great

Estate Replacement Worm/Augur and Slug #19126 does the trick!

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The worm/auger kit was exactly what we needed to repair our Estate Opener. The product was delivered quickly and in great condition. Replacing the broken part was not difficult and the cost was very reasonable. We are very please to have the Estate Opener back in service.

Perfect fit

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Perfect fit for an estate opener. Had an auger with a worn guide block. Tried fixing it but realized I needed to replace the guide block. Guide blocks for the auger seemed expensive and there was uncertainty it would fit my opener's auger. Considered replacing both, but that was even more. This worm and guide block was a much less costly replacement.

Estate Opener Replacement Auger/Worm


This unit is better than 30 yrs old. This is second rebuild. Took some time to get the alignment right. All good now. Gift from a friend, want to keep it.

Replacement worm


Perfect replacement at an unbelievable price.

Worth the money but a little tricky to install


We loved our Rogar Estate wine opener but the worm had gotten bent and the auger just wasn't working correctly. I could not easily find a replacement part and thought we were stuck with having to buy a new opener but then stumbled on this part from IWA. The price was reasonable so I thought we would give it a try. It arrived in about a week so that wasn't bad considering it was coming across country. The only difficulty is there really isn't any replacement instructions as they are only supplying the parts. I ended up looking for a YouTube and found something that was helpful. Once we figured out how to remove and install the new worm/auger it worked perfectly! So very happy we could fix the problem for such a reasonable cost. Very pleased with the end result just be patient when trying to remove and install the new part.

A Corkscrew Story


I order two of these for my ESTATE opener, took 12 (Twelve) weeks to obtain them! Direction with them call for disassembly of the ESTATE opener....only one of the machine screws will not come out despite WD40, tapping and attempting to turn, heat from boiling water and a small butane soldering torch. Customer service at IWA was absolutely NO help. So I would have to say, part looks good, but DO NOT BUY an ESTATE opener nor expect IWE to be of much assistance in products they represent

My wine opener is back in motion!

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I had tried Amazon and a few other company's for this part , they were all out of stock. I stumbled on to IWA. The part was in stock, shipped and received in 3 days. we have installed the new worm and auger and our opener is working just like new.

Awesome inexpensive replacement part!


I have had my Estate wine opener for 17 years and have enjoyed the ease with which it operated up until recently.

After taking it apart and examining it's inner workings, I discovered the plastic auger that encased the actual corkscrew had broken. I thought I was going to have to buy a whole new opener, when a couple weeks later by chance I saw a link to the IWA website that carries replacement parts!

I ordered the replacement auger for much less than it would have cost to buy a new opener. When it came it looked a bit different than the old piece so, I had my concerns that it might not work. I was more than happy when after putting it back together that it worked (though a bit stiffly at first)!

A couple of corks later, it works like it did when it was brand new!

I'm so pleased that I found this easy fix from IWA. I will definitely order from them again.

Best place for anything "Wine"!


After being told by Estate that the parts I needed for my Estate wine opener were no longer available I thought I would have to buy a new opener. But after checking the IWA site I not only found the parts I needed but they were in stock at an excellent price. I received them in 3 days along with instructions. IWA is definitely my new "go to" place for anything wine related!



Thank you , I have received exactly what I have ordered , the shipping was right on time as you promised.

no complaints !

I will keep your company in my files for future purchases .

Great fit

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Parts came quickly, fit perfectly, back in working order, better than in a long time. Didn't have to use the augers but wonder whether they would hold up. Seem pretty skimpy,

Refectory Replacement

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Perfect fit. Good picture included to show how parts fit.

IWA Service the BEST


We were saddened when our beloved Estate wine opener broke (after 18 years of constant use). Luckily IWA had the exact replacement part and our opener is back in service. YEAH Thank you IWA for not only having the right part but also for your quick friendly service!!!

Great place for this replacement part!


I needed the plastic Auger which fits tight but works perfectly. The screw is cheap and I discarded it. Surprised the estate wine opener people do not have parts. My plastic part has now broken four times in recent years.

fits perfect but a crappy screw

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Part fit perfectly but I threw away the corkscrew as it was a much poorer quality than the one on the machine already.

Estate repair

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After 17 years and about 1000 pulls my plastic cork screw guide split into 2 pieces on my Estate wine opener. IWA came to my rescue with a worm/auger repair kit. Came fast, installed easy,

I am pleased.... thanks



The replacement part was on back order when I ordered it. The expected shipping day was accurate & it was delivered in 2 days. The part fit perfectly, and installing went great. The replacement part seems much more durable than the original! Bonus! I'm so happy with the experience & the product.

Replacement part


I bought a Estate Wine opener at an estate sale and realized the worm was broken. I made several calls around town to see if it could be fixed. No one had a clue. I stumbled across the IWA website and called the phone number. Whoever I talked to said I was basically out of luck. No such part existed. I got a call a couple days later from IWA asking if I had called and what I wanted. I had the part within the week. But I can't figure out how to replace it. I called back to ask. They are suppose to send me instructions. I sure hope they do Still waiting



Purchased just to be prepared should a problem develop.