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NEW Mardi Gras Flutes Set of 6 (P/N GIWA-001). NOW STRONGER AND MORE DURABLE! Made from hand-worked borosilicate glass, these textured flutes will add sparkle and personality to any party.

Each flute in the set features a unique pattern, including stripes, dots, and swirls. These flutes are light and delicate, specifically designed for special toasts and celebrations.

Because the flutes are hand-made, each flute will have its own character, personality, and imperfections.

These flutes are hand-made from lead-free, borosilicate glass. Hand washing is recommended.

Set of 6.
Size: 3w x 3d x 7h (inches)
Capacity: 5 oz per flute, 6 oz to brim
Accent your table with color and style with our all-new Mardi Gras hand-made flutes.
  • Hand-made from lead-free borosilicate glass
  • Now stronger and more durable
  • Each of the 6 glasses feature a unique pattern
  • Perfect for champagne and champagne cocktails
  • Hand wash
Brand: IWA

UPC: 691054543270

Size: 3w x 3d x 7h (in)

Weight: 2.9 lbs

Capacity: 5 ounces per flute, 6 ounces to brim

Material: Glass

Additional information - Unpacking and Cleaning

Beautiful; waiting for one replacement

by -

The flutes are beautiful and just what I wanted. However, one was defective. I contacted IWA, sent pictures as requested and was told a replacement was being sent. I am still waiting the replacement.

New Mardi Gras Flutes


I gave the Mardi Gras flutes for a gift. I already have them myself and use them often. They are so fun and I always get compliments. They are perfect for a toast or a mimosa.

Nice but thin

by -

The glasses are lovey but really thin. If they survive a single use without breaking one or two I will be surprised.

The “New” Mardi Gras champagne flutes are more durable.

by -

I am glad that I purchased the “New” Mardi Gras champagne flutes. I had purchased the original glasses last year. Broke two right away, which made me sad. When I saw that the new flutes were more durable, I had to buy them, and I’m glad I did. When I went to wash them I hit one of the glasses against my counter top, and it did not break!! So yes, they are more durable! These flutes are so pretty and festive. Love them!

Even my husband likes them!


Honestly, my husband and his friends were admiring these flutes at a get-together, even though they appear fairly feminine to me. He liked them so much that he asked me to look into getting a set. They are beautiful, come well-packaged, and are good quality. Highly recommend.

Love the Champgne Flutes


The person you sent a gift from me, just, Loves, Loves the 6 champagne Flutes.
I am so very happy too!

Elegant Hostess Gift


I've had this set for a number of years and enjoy using them when having Champagne with "the girls"....definitely too feminine for the "guys". I just purchased a set as hostess gift and I'm sure they will be enjoyed and treasured.

Lovely Glasses

by -

These are so lovely and I enjoy drinking mimosas with my daughter-in-law. Nice shape and design.

Too fragile

by -

These are stunning to look at, however they are extremely light and I'm hoping they won't tip or break easily. They seem quite fragile.

Mardi Grad flutes


These flutes are very pretty and very delicate!

Mardi Gras Flutes - New and Improved

by -

I was excited to learn that IWA redesigned the Mardi Gras flutes and tumblers. The new glasses are much stronger and more durable, and still as beautiful!

Pretty, but way too delicate for use

by -

I agree with other reviewers about the impracticality of these glasses. They are beautiful and festive, but so delicate and poorly balanced that two got broken the very first time we used them. Very sad. I would not recommend these.

Mardi Gras Flutes

by -

The flutes are beautiful and my wife will be thrilled to get them for Christmas.

Too delicate for any use.

by -

These flutes are so very delicate that I really can't practically use them. I should of read the description more carefully. One of them is already cracked at the top but I don't know if it came that way or cracked just from being pulled out of the packing. They have no weight at the bottom to keep them from tipping easily. I had to order some other flutes elsewhere so for me it was just wasted money.

Perfect Gift

by -

These will be the perfect gift for my daughter-in-law whom I enjoy drinking Mimosas with every chance we can!

Very festive!

by -

These champagne flutes are much more festive than those boring champagne glasses that I have. I love the fact that they are all so different. Cheers!

Not Great

by -

Not what I expected . Cheap looking and almost a plastic feel and look

Mardi Gras Flutes Review

by -

Flutes are so.festive,unique and lightweight. They make every occasion extra special.

Gift Recipient LOVED them!


I sent these to a friend as he gift. He LOVED them. Said they are so beautiful!

Wouldn't order them again

by -

Packaging was unnecessary with "peanuts" everywhere. With static cling it was a big cleanup after opening the shipping box and digging down to find the small box inside.
Glasses are disappointing, so light they seem like plastic. They can barely stand up and a breeze could knock them down. I'm sure they wont last. Too much work to return them after all that packaging but would not order them again.

Reply from IWA
Thank you for your feedback. We definitely make an effort to ensure that the merchandise will arrive without breakage, and have found that placing a box inside a larger box filled with packaging materials is the most effective way to ship fragile glasses.

The "peanuts" are completely Earth-friendly and biodegradable, made from potato starch, so you should add them to your compost bin and they will disintegrate as soon as they come into contact with water. (There should have been a postcard explaining the packaging materials inside your box).

Love these glasses!

by -

Bought these for New Year's dinner party and love them. Got lots of compliments from guests. They are delicate, but a great value. Added to the celebratory theme!

Mardi Gras Flutes


Used glasses for a dinner party on Christmas Eve. Everyone loved them and had fun choosing which design to select. Very thin glasses which makes the champagne taste better. This was a Christmas present to myself and I'm very happy that I did.

So far so good


Overall, very nice. Only surprise was how light (weight) they were, so not sure of their longevity. I won't order from this company again: they still use styrofoam peanuts as packaging, which is just a mess.

Reply from IWA
John, thank you for your review. Actually, the peanuts we use are 100% biodegradable and certified compostable. We do NOT use styrofoam packaging. The fill we use is starch-based, not petroleum-based, and disintegrates in water without polluting groundwater resources. It is made from annually renewable resources, leaves no harmful residue and is completely recyclable. When we packed your box, it should have included a green printed card that explains the story behind our Earth-friendly packaging fill. It costs more, but we think it's worth it!

Elegance in a glass


I love the different patterns of the glasses. Using them for special occasions only, as they are extremely delicate.

Poor quality glass


Ordered these for a Christmas present but will not give, returning. Glass is so thin, appears to be plastic. I have seen glasses like these that are fine glass considerably more expensive. I guess you get what you pay for. Very disappointing.