Rogar Replacement Worm / Auger / Slug #34305

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Rogar Replacement Worm / Auger / Slug (P/N 34305). This replacement worm / auger is designed for all Rogar Openers (sold separately).

Our genuine Rogar parts offer the finest quality and durability.
  • Genuine Rogar worm/auger
  • Genuine Rogar slug
Brand: Rogar 

Size: 1/2w x 3 3/4d x 1/2h (in) 

Weight: 0.2 lbs 

Material: Plastic

Good service


Part was easy to install and worked as expected,delivery was quicker than expected.

Exact Replacement

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Exact replacement for my Champion cork screw. Works like new.

Estate bottle opener parts


This is just what I needed to repair my estate bottle opener.

May Need A Little Refinement

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I am thrilled that IWA picked up the Rogar brand. This is my second part replacement from them, other wise my Champion would have been in a landfill somewhere. My reason for less than 5 stars is that this auger is not made with a smooth surface. Therefore, it is very difficult to get it to penetrate some of the harder rubber corks many Vintners are using. I did apply a little silicone gel on it to help it. I'm just concerned that the plastic part of the worm auger is not going to hold up under the pressure. It really needs to be made out of a much more durable product.

Rogar Replacement Parts


We are thrilled with the part we ordered for our wine opener. It works perfectly,

Easy replacement


Super easy to replace with the instructions provided & works like new.

Back in Action!

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My estate bottle opener is finally back in action! Good replacement part.

Straight Forward Replacement

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We are so happy to have found this part, at this price and shipped so quickly. Even better was the ease to replace the part (using the you tube instructional video) and that comes from a guy with very limited 'fix-it' talent.

Speed of opening a great bottle of wine

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I wore out my previous worm/auger/slug and the replacement took me all of ten minutes to install. Works like new.

Voila, like new


Got this along with one other piece, after 3 months of unsuccessfully trying to fix my wife's Estate Wine Opener plugged these pieces in and it started working like new. Thanks IWA!!

Parts for Wine Vintner


My part arrived and fixed the wine vintner with the auger/worm/slug part.
Thanks for the assist and mailing.

Worked For Me!

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I broke the worm on my old Bacchus wine bottle opener (the one with all metal internal parts). This part fit perfectly and the opener has been saved.

Major product improvement.


This replacement worm/auger is much stronger and better designed that the original wire screw. It is much easier to insert than the old screw is to remove.

Roger estate opener ease of repair


Not only was the slug and auger easy to install with your excellent instructions but shipping of the parts was timely and arrived faster than anticipated so we had use of the Roger estate opener again



Your installation instructions are beyond bad. It is difficult to see the Xerox sheet. The part you shipped did not match.

Easy installation

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This was an easy install! Directions were clear and I was back sipping in minutes after I received the replacement piece.

Get your opener back to work!


If you are having problems with your opener retaining your corks or pushing them into the bottle, this is almost surely the part you need to get it back into service. This part was an exact replacement for an opener of unknown age. I purchased the an Estate opener second hand (for a song) and realized quickly that the slug had broken and was missing a part. All it would do was push the cork into the bottle (which I heroically worked around - corks float and I pour heavy!). The assembly arrived complete with replacement instructions that were very clear and easy to follow. The only difficult part is forcing the auger out of the slug. I would recommend putting some of the lubricant that has been pushed aside and putting it on the rails. It should help with friction and longevity.

This is apparently a part that fails with regular use and you may want to keep a replacement on hand - though only if you are well organized as it will likely be years before you need it.

Easy Order and Install


Order process was easy and replacing the auger was simple. Took about 20 minutes to complete the process thanks to clear and understandable directions included with the auger and slug.

Thank you.

Easy to secure parts


Very easy to get my right part while talking to your representative.
I did not change the auger. Used the old one. Is working fine. Thanks.

Very happy

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It was perfect and came really quick.


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Easy site to manage. Good product and quick delivery.

Cork in a Bottle


The replacement auger actually pushes the cork into the bottle rather than screwing into the cork for extraction. I'm one for three on successfully opening a bottle. It was the slug portion of the mechanism that broke, so I will reinstall the old auger with the new slug and see if that works.

New parts for my favorite opener.


Thank you so much for calling my and helping fix my order. I took it apart and took me old one out and then reversed what I did and put it back together. Only one way to see if what I did was right way. I opened a new bottle and enjoyed my Saturday. Thank you so much.

Great service and replacement part.


The slug arrived and the quality was better than previous slugs ordered from Rogar.



So glad to find this company. Had no idea I could get parts. The customer service is awesome!