Rogar Replacement Worm / Auger / Guide Slug #34305

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Rogar Replacement Worm / Auger / Guide Slug (P/N 34305). This replacement worm / auger / guide slug is designed for all Rogar Openers (sold separately).

Please note: many companies offer knockoffs products that look very similar to genuine Rogar products, and some even use our "Estate" brand name. To repair a non-Rogar opener, the best option is to contact the original merchant from whom you purchased your opener. If you try to use Rogar replacement parts to repair your non-Rogar opener, we cannot guarantee that our part(s) will work.

Our genuine Rogar parts offer the finest quality and durability.

  • Genuine Rogar worm/auger
  • Genuine Rogar guide slug

Brand: Rogar

Size: 1/2w x 3 3/4d x 1/2h (in)

Weight: 0.2 lbs

Material: Metal, Plastic

Bob -


Old part came out hard, new one is a champ!

We replaced this part in an older unit that had a regular screw hardened wire rather than the shaped screw shown here. I couldn't get it out, so I cut off the wire and it popped out then. The new piece went in easily. After removing the old, sticky grease in the moving parts with citrus-based cleaner and detergent, I dried the parts, relubed them and put everything back together. Works like a charm and will give us many more good years of use! Very satisfied.



Replacement Doesn't Fit

Replacement Worm/Auger is larger in diameter and longer in length at the base than the original. As a result, it is impossible to thread it into either the old or the new Drive Slug. So, my Champion is still out of service and I'm looking for another parts source. I will never order from IWA again.

Lee -


Roger Parts

Part arrived. Your instal video was most helpful.
Part fit perfectly. Opener is up and running.

David -


direct replacement

Perfect fit. Only wish the plastic bushing could be ordered separately.



Rogar Replacement Worm

I have been very pleased with the parts I received for my wine opener. I have had the opener for many years and the original parts were definitely worn. The replacement parts fit in perfectly and my wine opener works like it was new.