Rogar Replacement Worm / Auger / Guide Slug #34305

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Our genuine Rogar parts offer the finest quality and durability.

  • Genuine Rogar worm/auger
  • Genuine Rogar guide slug

Rogar Replacement Worm / Auger / Guide Slug (P/N 34305). This replacement worm / auger / guide slug is designed for all Rogar Openers (sold separately).

Please note: many companies offer knockoffs products that look very similar to genuine Rogar products, and some even use our "Estate" brand name. To repair a non-Rogar opener, the best option is to contact the original merchant from whom you purchased your opener. If you try to use Rogar replacement parts to repair your non-Rogar opener, we cannot guarantee that our part(s) will work.

Brand: Rogar

Size: 1/2w x 3 3/4d x 1/2h (in)

Weight: 0.2 lbs

Material: Metal, Plastic



Replacement Doesn't Fit

Replacement Worm/Auger is larger in diameter and longer in length at the base than the original. As a result, it is impossible to thread it into either the old or the new Drive Slug. So, my Champion is still out of service and I'm looking for another parts source. I will never order from IWA again.

Lee -


Roger Parts

Part arrived. Your instal video was most helpful.
Part fit perfectly. Opener is up and running.

David -


direct replacement

Perfect fit. Only wish the plastic bushing could be ordered separately.



Rogar Replacement Worm

I have been very pleased with the parts I received for my wine opener. I have had the opener for many years and the original parts were definitely worn. The replacement parts fit in perfectly and my wine opener works like it was new.



One More time

This part is a consumable, I can count on replacing a failed one every two years or so, with normal usage. I am grateful that replacement parts for this minor little piece are readily available, and always install and work properly the first time. But it would be nice if the design or material was improved to eliminate the repetitious failure mode. Everything else in the opener is reliable, so I have a stack of unused augers that came with the replacement slug. I would appreciate having the slug be a separate part.