Rogar Replacement Worm / Auger / Guide Slug #34305

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Our genuine Rogar parts offer the finest quality and durability.
  • Genuine Rogar worm/auger
  • Genuine Rogar guide slug
Rogar Replacement Worm / Auger / Guide Slug (P/N 34305). This replacement worm / auger / guide slug is designed for all Rogar Openers (sold separately).

Please note: many companies offer knockoffs products that look very similar to genuine Rogar products, and some even use our "Estate" brand name. To repair a non-Rogar opener, the best option is to contact the original merchant from whom you purchased your opener. If you try to use Rogar replacement parts to repair your non-Rogar opener, we cannot guarantee that our part(s) will work.
Brand: Rogar 

Size: 1/2w x 3 3/4d x 1/2h (in) 

Weight: 0.2 lbs 

Material: Metal, Plastic

Roger Parts

by -

Part arrived. Your instal video was most helpful.
Part fit perfectly. Opener is up and running.

direct replacement

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Perfect fit. Only wish the plastic bushing could be ordered separately.

Rogar Replacement Worm


I have been very pleased with the parts I received for my wine opener. I have had the opener for many years and the original parts were definitely worn. The replacement parts fit in perfectly and my wine opener works like it was new.

One More time


This part is a consumable, I can count on replacing a failed one every two years or so, with normal usage. I am grateful that replacement parts for this minor little piece are readily available, and always install and work properly the first time. But it would be nice if the design or material was improved to eliminate the repetitious failure mode. Everything else in the opener is reliable, so I have a stack of unused augers that came with the replacement slug. I would appreciate having the slug be a separate part.

Excellent Service


The part works great, and the order was delivered promptly.

Should not have broken


Purchased the wine opener around a year ago. The old one broke after more that 10 years. This one only had around 100 bottles through it and broke. Probably now made in China.

Better design than original

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Part fit and worked properly. Apparently an upgraded design, replacing the original twisted-wire screw with a substantial formed twist auger. The original wire had bent and I couldn't straighten it correctly.

Worm/Auger Required Machining to Work

by -

This part did not work as received. The 2 stops (one on each side) on this part were too long and jammed into the brass housing not allowing the handle to move thru its full range. I had to machined off roughly 1/32 inch from each stop to make this part work. After machining, this part worked great.

Reply from IWA
Thank you - we’re sorry that the part wasn’t perfectly sized for your opener - we really recommend these parts exclusively for Rogar openers, and we don’t have parts nor expertise to support other brands.

Best Wine Opener!


Auger/slug replacement parts arrived in good time and good condition. Watching the video, it was super easy to install. Happy to be back in "business" again with our wonderful Estate Wine Opener!

Make sure this is the exact fit for you replacement


I ordered the product and it was the wrong size. Tried to return it and never heard back from customer service.
Hope you have better luck.

Great product/Service


Excellent, and the video to replace it was very user friendly and doable for me. The customer service when I ordered the product was also very good.

Rogar auger replacement for estate wine opener

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I have had my estate wine opener for 33 years and it's the first time I needed to replace the auger & worm. Ordering was easy and I followed the video to replace it. It was fun to replace and the opener now works like new!



I placed my order on 2/14. The website said "item was in stock" and "shipment in 2-3 days". Info was sent to FedEx on 2/14.
It's currently 2/28 ... AND THE PACKAGE HASN'T ARRIVED. it isn't expected for several more days, yet you've got the effrontery to ask for a review.
I wish that I could give a stars rating of ZERO.

Great product


Ordering was easy and I was able to replace the auger by following your helpful video.I'm really glad I found your company and my wine pull works again!

Easy and Fun Repairing my Rogar Opener


Repairing my Rogar opener was fun and easy. I replaced the auger. The video made if super easy.



Perfect fit and exactly what I needed to get our Champion up and going again. Took less than 30 minutes to replace.

Minus a star because directions were included but confusing compared to some YouTube videos.

Shipping was on time and packaged well.


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this replacement piece worked fine.

Awesome longevity

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I have had this wine opener for 20+ years and this is only the second auger I have had to get (we use it almost every day)! Great quality and wonderful service from IWA!!!

Rogar replacement worm/auger

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This fixed my very old table top wine opener. Fortunately I found an installation video on you tube.


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The worm bent on a difficult cork. The replacement worm is very difficult to use - hard to insert in a cork, but works smoothly when tested without a bottle.At this point the opener is pretty worthless.

If it looks like a Worm, it is a Worm...and works great.

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My corkscrew was given as a gift but it never worked so I put it aside as a useless ornament in my wine cellar. One day I took it out because I just knew that it should work. However, after numerous attempts the drive slug broke. I am a customer of IWA so I called the customer service department, ordered the drive slug but also ordered the replacement worm as well. I ordered it and had it in my hands within 2 days. What great service!



Very good,

Love the Photos


Super fast service. Arrived in 3 days and i love the fact that you get a photo and instructions how to replace old one. So simply when you see a photo.

Back to Open Wine


Only needed to replace the slug but worked better by replacing both, worked very

Replacement Worm

by -

Replacement worm/auger/slug arrived on time & intact. However, 2 notes: (1.) the worm is slightly longer than the original and (2.) I would have preferred to have just the worm as I did not need the slug.