Le Nez du Vin Wine 54 Aroma Essence Kit #6052

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Le Nez du Vin Wine 54 Aroma Essence Kit (P/N 10001001). Learn to distinguish and detect such things as type, age, and components of wine-even the kind of soil in which the grapes were grown. Reference with the industry standard chosen by wineries, enology schools, merchants and true wine lovers the world over.

This kit includes 54 glass vials of wine scents, illustrated fact cards and an instruction booklet presented in a beautiful cloth-bound case.
The ultimate wine education kit developed by wine expert Jean Lenoir, Le Nez du Vin Wine 54 Aroma Essence Kit is a sophisticated instructional guide to the most common essences found in wine.
  • 54 Aroma vials
  • 54 Illustrated explanatory cards
  • Instructional book
  • Beautiful cloth-bound case
  • Industry reference for over 30 years
Brand: Wine Aromas

Weight: 12.5 lbs

Material: Glass

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This is the One to Get

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4.5 stars
If you are passionate about training your senses to appreciate the depth and dimensions about fine wine, this is the one to get. The aromas are true and the materials give enough of the science and process background to educate you without getting you lost. Visual and descriptive references are also provided to build recall on each card.
I would give 5 stars if the creators would update the sections of the book covering scents by varietal/region to better reflect the state of the winemaking in the new world today. While the old world is covered in wonderful depth, the new world reference is only very general. I'd like to see at least a few of the well-known and well-established AVAs in wine regions in CA, OR and WA represented. While many of these areas are still developing, I expect the experts could say at least something at a level of granularity finer than "California Cabernet Sauvignon".