CP 3200/4200 Replacement Air Filter 2 Pack #1121

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Poly-coated fiberglass air filters are designed to fit all CellarPro 3200 and 4200 cooling units, and are for interior use only. Sold in a pack of two filters.

  • Protects the condenser coils
  • Can be used on 3200 and 4200 cooling units
  • Designed for internal use only
  • Replace after each use

CellarPro 3200/4200 Replacement Air Filter 2-Pack (P/N 1121). Poly-coated fiberglass air filters trap more dust particles than regular fiberglass filters. The frame is made of fiber-board and has two tin-plated steel grills (one bonded to each side) as well as sealed corners to prevent dust leakage. Filters are marked with size and airflow direction. Actual length and width are 3/8" less than trade size shown. Filters meet UL Class 2 flame retardance requirements. Maximum temperature is 180 degrees. Sold in a pack of two filters.

The filters fit CellarPro 3200 and 4200 wine cooling units, including the duct hood, and are for interior use only.

Brand: CellarPro

Size: 12w x 12d x 1h (in)

Weight: 1.3 lbs

30 Days

Dennis D. -


Operating flawlessly

I'm 100% satisfied with my CellarPro cooling unit. It's been operating flawlessly for the 7 1/2 years since I purchased and installed it. By comparison, I have a friend who has spent several thousand in repairs on a cooling unit from a competitor.




The filter does not for easily. It needs to be crimped to fit. It is much more expensive than a hardware store filter. I won’t be buying it again. The other service from cellar pro has been excellent.

Reply from IWA
Thank you for your feedback. Make sure you remove the screws before inserting the filter, otherwise it will be difficult to slide the filter in and out. Whatever you do, do not use filters from the hardware store (eg pleated filters), because they are too restrictive, and will damage your equipment and void your warranty.

R Scot


3200 VSI replacement filters

Very quick turnaround on order. Arrived in perfect condition. Very easy to replace

Mark S. De Mattheis


5 Star

Great company. Been doing business with them for years. Never an issue.



Air filter changes

Filters are same as the previous buys. I have a rear ducted unit and the old filter is very difficult to get out. I have to poke a hole in the side and pull. It bends and is somewhat of a process. Then the new filter slides in tight. I've opened the filter locator on top on the rear and still difficult to get in because the rear duct also has an edge on the top. Not ideal and very frustrating as I have to change every 60-90 days. Also the pricing is high for a simple air filter. Can get MERV 5 or less like this one on the after market, but they also are difficult to install. The gap should be a bigger than 12", so that these will easily slide in and out.