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CellarPro 1800 Duct HOOD Rear with Inline Fan Factory Installed (P/N 7409). This kit includes:

  • 6-inch inline fan (120 CFM)
  • Galvanized metal duct hood slides over the rear of the cooling unit and baffles the air intake and exhaust
  • 8-foot power line provides switched power for the inline fan to match the on/off cycle of the wine cooling unit

The duct hood is designed with an easy-access panel to replace the air filter (sold separately), and openings for the drain line and power cord.

Ducting is not included with this kit. If you prefer, we also offer a kit that includes ducting.

Allows CellarPro 1800 Series cooling units to be ducted up to 100 equivalent feet (50 feet per duct) using 6-inch ducting (not included) from start to finish (ducting must not be reduced).

  • Inline fan (3000RPM, 120 CFM) has a permanently lubricated, impedance protected motor
  • Heavy gauge plated steel brackets
  • Switched power to match the cooling unit
  • 50 feet of 6-inch insulated ducting (R-6)
  • Designed to fit over the rear of all CellarPro 1800 wine cooling units
  • Includes an easy-access panel to replace air filters (sold separately)
  • Grommet openings for the drain line and power cord

Brand: CellarPro

Size: 18 1/4w x 6 3/4d x 10 1/4h (in)

Weight: 8 lbs

115V, 60 Hz, 0.6 amps (Inline Fan)

Capacity: 100 Equivalent Feet

Warranty: 1 Year

The depth of the hood includes 2 1/4 (in) for the 6-inch dia. duct adapters. The hood is designed to slide over the rear of the cooling unit, and will overlap the cooling unit by approximately 1-2 (in). Click on one of the following links for more information:

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    John Benton -


    Does the job, but is very loud

    When my contractor installed the shilling unit, it worked well for a short period of time. The room that it was venting to became very hot and ultimately the unit displayed an error message indication that it was over heating. I spoke with the manufacturer and, after sharing pictures of the installation, was informed that there was not enough cool air getting to the intake of the chiller. I sent it back to them for repair and they informed me that I needed to separate the warm exhaust from the cool intake. I purchased the fan hood and installed it I. The chiller when they returned it to me. It seems to have solved the issue, BUT, the room to which it was venting is still very hot from the exhaust and the fan on the hood is very loud. I had the contractor directly vent the exhaust to the outside of the house. The noise level is lower, but still not at an acceptable level. So, functionaly, it is doing the job, but acoustically, I am not pleased.

    Walther H


    Wouldn't let me make a mistake - see review of the CellarPro 1800XT

    I've built these refrigerated closets before, but on this one I built I was not sure if I needed the duct hood since I had open a large open space for the back of the unit. I ordered, but did not install the hood at first. But, after the chiller was running for a about an hour or so the large closet the chiller was venting too had risen abut 15 degrees from "normal". That was too hot and the door to that closet would have to be left open most of the time.
    I attached the hood and let the intake draw from the closet and I vented the "hot" side to a large semi-conditioned air space.
    What a difference it made. The closet actually got cooler since it was pulling in more fresh air and exhausting the hot air to the other conditioned space. The fan was not a bother since most of its "noise" was venting to the conditioned space.

    I'm glad I bought the hood as a "just in case". I needed it.