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Thermal Load Terms & Conditions #36090

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Please review the terms and conditions in the details herein, and contact us if you have any questions.

Wine cellar cooling units are designed to be used in cellars that are insulated and airtight. If the cellar is not airtight, the cooling unit will create excess condensation, which will cause damage and premature failure of your cooling unit. These conditions are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. For more information about building a proper wine cellar for refrigeration, please refer to our wine cellar construction guide at https://iwawine.box.com/v/wine-cellar-construction.

It is extremely important that your cooling unit is correctly sized for your cellar. The standard cubic feet for each unit is based on a number of assumptions, including:
  • R19 insulation on all surfaces (glass and concrete do NOT provide R19 insulation)
  • Airtight construction w/ vapor barrier
  • 85F degrees ambient temperature
  • 55F degrees in the cellar
  • Sea level altitude
  • No ducting (front or rear)

We offer a free thermal load calculation service to ensure that each cooling unit is sized correctly. Please note that thermal load calculations require accurate inputs. If your unit is too small and cannot maintain(more...)

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