Condensate Drain Line CellarPro 1800 REAR #1606

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Condensate Drain Line REAR CellarPro 1800 (P/N 1606). Recommended when the wine cooling unit will be installed in a wine cellar, 1/2-inch ID condensate fitting and 8-foot clear vinyl tube allows overflow condensation to exit from the rear of the cooling unit.

This option is designed to be factory-installed.
A condensate drain line is strongly recommended for wine cellar installations of 1800 Series wine cooling units.
  • 1/2-inch ID condensate fitting
  • 8-foot drain line
Brand: CellarPro

Size: 10 feet (drain line)

1 Year

Diagram for 1800 condensate trap
Diagram for 1800H condensate trap

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Definitely needed


I don't think this should be optional, there will always be some condensate coming out of the unit I believe, and it needs to go somewhere. I connected this to a cleanout with a handy reducer, put a P-trap shape in the line so odors don't move the wrong way, and voila, works like a charm.

Exterior Drain

by -

I ordered the drain as a competitors unit that the 1800 xts is replacing would leak in my wine cabinet. The tubing took a moment to figure out how to run the trap, but after figuring it out , it works well. Have it draining into a previously emptied wine bottle.

Wouldn't let me make a mistake


See my review of the 1800XT - I bought the condensate drain as a just in case. But, in Arizona's dry climate I've never had any install I've done put a drop of water in the condensate line. And the latest install I did was t he same. The hose goes to a bucket in the closet as a just in case feature.

Not leaving this to chance ...


Well, I am not certain whether an external drain was actually a necessity. My former unit was freezing up with condensation which could have been caused by a number of issues other than overly moist air. However, this drain line is easy to install, directions are clear and easily understood, and the peace of mind is amazing.