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Corkcicle Whisky Wedge (P/N 7001C2). The artful way to chill whisky, bourbon, tequila or vodka without watering down your favorite spirits. Because the ice is frozen onto the glass, it melts much slower than traditional ice cubes, retaining your drink's full flavor. The glass can also be used without ice.
  1. Place silicone form inside the glass.
  2. Fill glass with water through the hole to the fill line.
  3. Store in freezer for at least 4 hours.
  4. Remove form from glass.
  5. The glass now contains a wedge of slow-melting ice and is ready to use.
Add mint leaves to the water before it freezes, and enjoy a cool blast of with your favorite Mojito!
Try our new slant on whisky and cocktail glasses with slow melting ice.
  • Double traditional glass
  • Silicone mold for the ice
  • Ideal for whisky, bourbon, tequila, scotch and vodka
  • Slow melting ice wedge does not dilute spirits
Brand: Corkcicle

UPC: 852263005007

Size: 3w x 3d x 4h (in)

Weight: 1.8 lbs

Capacity: 9 ounces

Material: Plastic

Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews

Always look inside the box.


The catalogue I received indicated the price was $15 but the online price was $18 - OK, I really needed this gift ASAP so I placed the order. The glasses are packed individually and one of the boxes opened as I unpacked it - the glass was covered in dust. So was the second glass that I ordered. I cleaned them up but I would have been terribly embarrassed had I not seen this before giving as a gift. I do not feel as if I purchased something new.

Reply from IWA
Thank you for your feedback. We've been sold out of the Whisky Wedge and received new product twice since Thanksgiving, so we are confident that the product didn't gather dust in our facility. We have forwarded your comments to the manufacturer, and will provide an update with their reply. We sell brand new products in the original packaging, which are purchased directly from the manufacturer. We do not sell used products.


by -

I really like the wedge glasses, the wine openers, decanters, but I was disappointed my wine rack was broken upon opening. I wish I could get it asap.

fun and clever


The directions for use are super easy and the ice does not water your drink. But the wedge is really a universal product and can be used for other drinks. We've been having fun experimenting. We occasionally pop a lime, mint or other fruit into the ice mold and make different drinks. They are really fun, we purchased 4.

Whisky Wedge


Bought this as a gift for a whisky drinker. It is the perfect glass to drink from as it does not water down the good whisky that I gave with the glass, but still keeps it nice and cold.