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Sveres Jumbo Ice Ball Tray (P/N 25592). Create jumbo-sized ice spheres for your whisky and cocktail drinks while slowing down dilution using our Jumbo Ice Ball Trays.
  • Each mold makes 6 ice balls, each with a 2 1/2 inch diameter, the largest in its class
  • Drinks retain the flavor and temperature better than stones, crushed ice or regular ice cubes, due to the large surface area of these spheres
  • Experiment with ice filled with fruit, herbs or edible flowers for a unique and festive celebration
  • Molds can be stacked in your freezer for space efficiency
Each set includes 1 mold for 6 ice cubes.
Quickly cool your drink without watering it down using jumbo ice balls, easy to make and store in a 6-ball tray.
  • Forms the largest ice balls in its class
  • Pour into the funnel openings for easy filling, and press bottom of mold to release after frozen
  • Large surface area reduces dilution and keeps drinks cold
  • Stackable design makes storage easy
  • Silicone is flexible and leak-proof
  • Use with whisky, cocktails, soft drinks and water
Brand: Whiskey Ball

UPC: 762988632221

Size: 11w x 7d x 3h (in)

Weight: 1 lbs

Material: Silicone

Ratings & Reviews

7 reviews



Please tell me how to close top and bottom tight enough to keep the water from leaking out. Mine doesn’t close tightly no matter how much I squeeze them together and then you have only half a ball

Reply from IWA
Judy, thank you for your feedback. We shared your comments with the manufacturer and they said that your unit is defective, and they'd be glad to replace your tray at no charge. Please give us a call at your convenience and we'll be glad to assist you, even if you didn't purchase your tray from us (we couldn't find your transaction in our records.)



As advertised!!!!!

Love it!

by -

I first saw this at a friend's party. I knew I had to get one.
It did take a second try on how to do this correctly as far as filling correctly, but it's really easy and I love how the bottom of the tray has the individual rubber circles so that only the ice that you want comes out, not a bunch of cubes like a traditional ice tray.
The balls are great and last a long time, allowing whatever your beverage of choice is to get cold gradually, and stay cold. Worth it.

Easy Peasy!

by -

I LOVE this tray! While they don't just "pop" out like a traditional ice cube tray- it didn't take long at all to get the end product; and the end product is fantastic! I overfilled a couple by mistake, so those were a little difficult to remove, but, I just ran some warm water over the tops for just a few seconds until the overflow melted down and it was easy peasy! I love the ice balls! I plan to use them in drinks, in my dogs water bowl during the summer, and I'm going to make some special concoctions! I can't wait!

Must have product!

by -

It is a great product. It allows you to enjoy your beverage more having that one solid piece of ice, as opposed to the smaller pieces melting.

Great product

by -

they are great. the round ice ball lasts so much longer than regular ice cubes.They are easy to fill and easy to remove from tray.

Bit tricky to use


I love how the ice spheres turn out when they are done and in drinks, but getting there is a bit tricky. Unlike regular ice cube trays that take a few seconds to use, this one you end up fiddling with it a lot trying to get them out. I wish it was faster, but as I said, the spheres themselves are great.