WineKeeper Sparger #15170

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Quickly sparge bottles with protective Nitrogen without using the stopper assembly.
  • Designed for use with refrigerated WineKeeper units
  • Without inserting a stopper assembly, connect the sparger directly into nitrogen tubing
  • Depress the button to release gas into a bottle
  • Preserves open bottles without hassle
WineKeeper Sparger (P/N 15170). Prevent oxidization without putting bottles directly into the WineKeeper system with this easy-to-use sparger. Top off wine bottles with Nitrogen by plugging the sparger into the male plastic quick connect on:

- Commercial Keeper & Manifolds
- Refrigerated Cabinets (female quick connect provided)
- Tabletop units

Sparger can be added by splicing into existing nitrogen tubing—either #7933 or #7942.

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