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Private Preserve Wine Preserver (P/N CSPC 751974). Private Preserve blankets the wine's surface in bottle or decanter, and will not strip out the bouquet (volatile esters) like vacuum devices, by using HARMLESS argon, carbon dioxide and nitrogen, Private Preserve to displace all of the oxygen.

Protect the freshness and flavor of wine, port, sherry, cognac, scotch, bourbon, tequila, and sake, as well as fine cooking oils and vinegar for days, weeks, months...even years!
Private Preserve prevents oxidation by using the same inert gases used in the production and bottling of wine.

Domestic shipments only.
  • Preserves wine after the bottle is opened
  • Uses inert gases to protect freshness and flavor
  • Easy to use
  • 120 full uses per can
Brand: Private Preserve

UPC: 000231904863

Size: 2 1/2w x 2 1/2d x 9 1/2h (in)

Weight: 0.5 lbs

Capacity: 120 Full Uses

Material: Plastic

Ratings & Reviews

32 reviews

A wine makers review

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As a wine maker I know the only way to really preserve a wine is to prevent oxygen exposure. Private Preserve is an excellent method of preserving a partial bottle.

No Spoilage...Keep your wine safe

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I have used Private Reserve for a long time. I used to support my wine by the glass program. No spoilage, period. Great for home use when you can't finish that second bottle

Its a can of good or bad can it be.


These cans of inert gas changed my life. Don't know what I would have done without them. Drink the whole bottle maybe.

Preserve your wines and spirits


IWA makes items easy to order and to ship. Not only do I preserve my wines with this product, but also my bourbons and whiskeys.

wine preserver


reasonably effective. Not as easy to use as some others I've tried.

Great product


Works great for our situation. I haven’t had a single bottle turn since using Private Reserve.

Wine preserver. Great way to preserve wine.

by -

Worked well. Great simple way to preserve wine

Highly recommend IWA!


Product is very good (have been using for years) but service, delivery & price even better! Will buy from IWA again.

Works well, Easy to Use

by -

This works well and is easier to use than other options. Give a few puffs into the bottle and re-cork, that's it. As the bottle empties, give larger puffs or completely fill the air space for special wines. Some wines then go into the refrigerator, which also slows aging. Room temperature is too warm for red wine anyways. Even my magnums last for a couple of weeks serving this way. I also use it on rare whiskies that stay in opened bottles for a long time; preserves the bouquet.

Wine Preserver

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As I've gotten older, I find that I need to drink less at single sitting. This preserver is not only an excellent price, but easy to use and very effective. This allows me to enjoy a bottle of wine over a period of several days vs. in one or two days.

Save your wine for tomorrow


Great product to preserve your wine when you can handle only a glass or two--- instead of the full bottle you drank when you were younger.

Excellent Product

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We love this product! It lets us enjoy our wine for several more days. We’ve used it for years. Great price at IWA

It works


Great product for saving opened wine for a couple days. Noticeable difference versus vacuum devices.

Good product good service


excellent product I have used for years. Keeps wine fresh for a couple of days which is more than enough. Quick shipping and delivery.

Private Preserve Review


My first association with IWA was pleasant and informative. I especially enjoyed my conversation with Jimmy. I'll be doing more business with you.

A good product but not a magic wand.

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This is a very useful wine preserver, but folks, it is not magic. Wine certainly lasts longer with its use, but after a few days a delicate wine will change. Even a heavy-bodied red will a disappointment within a week.

Best I've found


Great stuff. Have been using for years. Far better than vacuum devices as this keeps wine in good shape for many days. Also great to use on Ports or Sherries to keep them alive longer.

Private perserve

by -

Really works and freshness is preserved for weeks. Easy to use with the long neck sprayer.

Works well


This wine preservation system works really well. I've used it for years. IWA offered the best price I could find online and the case I ordered arrived promptly. I've not complaints about either the product or the purveyor!

I was pleasantly surprised!


Having used for many years old preservation system with replaceable high pressure nitrogen cartridges I decided to give a try to this Private Preserve Wine Preserver. My expectation were not very high because, I thought, the price was rather low, especially when comparing with the old cartridges. Well, I got me a pleasant surprise. This stuff works really well. I dare to say, it works better than those cartridges. The combination of nitrogen with argon "coats" and isolates the wine left in the bottle and it lasts even a few days without an oxidation. It's also very economical. The gas here is used only when putting the bottle away, so a single can can last a very long time. Conclusion: I love this great product!

No buyer's remorse....


After wasting multiple bottles of wine because I could not finish a whole bottle in one night, I bought the Wine Preserver. Works like a charm!!! I now can open a "nice" bottle of wine, have a few glasses, preserve it, than the next night enjoy it without that "off flavor" wine gets. My reds stay just as fresh the day after uncorking a bottle as the day it was opened. Great product!!!

great product

by -

Wine can be preserved for at least a week. Price is 25% less than I could find locally,


by -

What to give people who have everything and love wine? How many bottles have we opened and they go bad? Love it - got them for stocking stuffers!

So excited to find these.

by -

Had been looking for these since a winemaker in napa showed this to us as a way to preserve opened bottles.



Best preserve product ever. Can extend the life of that unfinished bottle by a week or more. Also useful for those expensive liquors.