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IWA Exclusive! NEW Mardi Gras Flutes Set of 6 (P/N 15194). NOW STRONGER AND MORE DURABLE! Made from hand-worked borosilicate glass, these textured flutes will add sparkle and personality to any party.

Each flute in the set features a unique pattern, including stripes, dots, and swirls. These flutes are light and delicate, specifically designed for special toasts and celebrations.

Because the flutes are hand-made, each flute will have its own character, personality, and imperfections.

These flutes are hand-made from lead-free, borosilicate glass. Hand washing is recommended.

Set of 6.
Size: 3w x 3d x 7h (inches)
Capacity: 5ounces per flute, 6ounces to brim
Accent your table with color and style with our all-new Mardi Gras hand-made flutes.
  • Hand-made from lead-free borosilicate glass
  • Now stronger and more durable
  • Each of the 6 glasses feature a unique pattern
  • Perfect for champagne and champagne cocktails
  • Hand wash
Brand: IWA

UPC: 077757151941

Size: 3w x 3d x 7h (in)

Weight: 2.9 lbs

Capacity: 5 ounces per flute, 6 ounces to brim

Material: Glass

Additional information - Unpacking and Cleaning



I was very disappointed when my order arrived. The glass is so thin that I thought the flutes were plastic. They are also much smaller than the way they look in the photo and not nearly as pretty. The quality is so inferior that I doubt that I will ever order from this company again.

Mardi Gras Flutes

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Ordered these for gifts for my sisters at our annual getaway. Everyone loved them and made sipping sparkling extra special. Now they each have one as a memento of our trip to Key West! I'm also ordering them for a friend's birthday!

Perfect for my purpose

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I bought these flutes to serve double duty- as well as using them for sparkling wine, they graced my dinner table as vases at a recent function. Each filled with alstromeria and baby's breath and lined up the length of the table, they added just the right note to the decor. Each one is unique and so they were perfect.


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I was somewhat disappointed with the quality of this item. The glass is so thin I'm wary of actually using them. However they are as pretty in person as they are in the picture.

great design, cheap construction

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The glass is so thin I am afraid to hold them!

Love the Quality


I received the set of Mardi Gras Flutes as a birthday gift from my cousin. I love the quality and the varied designs. Beautiful and useful!

Love the Glasses

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Love the glasses. One arrived broken but customer service was great and sent out a replacement.

Third-Grade Crafts


I don't want a free gift, just to warn others not to buy these thing. They look as though they were made by a third-grade crafts class. I gave three sets as gifts, and was embarrassed that I had sent them. I hope their other products are of better quality.

Really Cheap!


Had the exact same experience as DD: "Very disappointed in quality. They were so thin that I first thought they were plastic. One was cracked. Love the design but they need to be heavier for proper balance." I then called customer service - got an answering machine - and didn't get a call back. We like the design - are very concerned about the weight - if can't get a service response will definitely return the whole set.

Mardi gras glasses


Very disappointed in quality. They were so thin that I first thought they were plastic. One was cracked. Love the design but they need to be heavier for proper balance. I returned them



I ordered this flutes for my sister for Christmas and they are Soo beautiful I am going to order them for me!!

Just OK

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I bought these for someone for Christmas. I know it says they are handcrafted and have imperfections but does that mean its ok for them to be disfigured? In my set the plainest one, with the stripes has one really disfigured line on it. I don't think I am going to give it as a gift now.



The flutes and apertifs were adorable and just what I wanted for my dinner table. I am using them for Thanksgiving.

P.S. Love your catalog.


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I love these glasses! Bought two wine sets and two champagne sets and could not be happier with the quality and value of both! The different designs make a party all the more fun, as each person can find their glass without the tacky markers for stemmed glasses. I love using for everyday, just to make life a little more special for no reason at all! Highly recommend them to everyone who enjoys the finer, fun things in life!



I bought two sets, at first I was disappointed as they felt like plastic then I knocked them over (by accident) and broke 4 of the glasses. after using them I have come to really like them and am glad I bought two sets since I now have 6 glasses