Loft 1200 Wine Cooler 166 Bottle 2-Zone #19188

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SKU: 19188 Loft 1200 SS Door
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Loft 1200 Wine Refrigerator 166-Bottle Dual Zone NEW (P/N 19188). Store your red and white wines at perfect serving temperatures in our NEW AND IMPROVED wine refrigerator with 2 temperature zones.

The upper zone is designed for colder temperatures to store and serve white wines and sparkling wines, and can be set from 41-54F. The lower zone is designed to store and serve red wines, and can be set from 54-66F. Note that the upper zone must be set at least 4F colder than the lower zone. Temperatures are displayed on the blue LCD display panel inside the cooler.

The stainless steel door has seamless corners, fingerprint-proof coating and reversible hinges, and the glass is double-pane, tinted and tempered. The body of the wine cooler is black, and is front-ducted for your choice of standalone or built-in installations. Interior LED lighting, security door lock and key also are included with every unit. Other features include the most advanced, energy-efficient R600a refrigerant, choice of Farenheit/Celsius display.

The wine cellar should be placed in a location where the ambient temperature is between 60-80F. If the ambient temperature is outside this range, the performance of the unit may be affected.

Shown at left: Loft 1200 with optional presentation shelf (sold separately.)

Size: 23 3/4w x 27d (without handle) / 29 1/2d (with handle) x 69 3/4h (in)

Placement requirements: 60-85F ambient temperature. If the ambient temperature is outside this range, the performance of the unit will be affected.

Size: 23 3/4w x 27d (without handle) 29 1/2d (with handle) x 69 3/4h (in)

Shelving: 14 pull-out shelves (13 rolling)

Quiet Mode The wine cooler can be put into "quiet mode", which reduces the fan speed by 20-25% and reduces the amount of noise produced by the fans, by pressing and holding the light button (while the display panel is locked from not being touched for 15 seconds) for about 3-5 seconds. The C/F indicator will flash when the unit is in "quiet mode."

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IWA Exclusive! Our most advanced wine refrigerator - now with our versatile plate shelves for maximum racking flexibility. Dual temperature zones in an advanced-engineered wine refrigerator allow you to control the temperature for your aging reds, as well as chill crisp whites, with a seamless, fingerprint-proof stainless steel door and built-in design for recessed or standalone installations.

  • Electronic control and digital display
  • Dual zones for red and white wine
  • Front-vented for free-standing or built-in installations
  • Reversible hinges
  • Stainless steel door, seamless corners and fingerprint-proof coating
  • Tempered, tinted double-pane glass
  • Rolling metal plate shelves
  • Optional rolling presentation shelf (sold separately)
  • Shelves are designed to accommodate Burgundy-size bottles (bottle capacity will be reduced)
  • Bottle capacity up to 166 Bordeaux wine bottles
  • Energy efficient R600a system
  • Security lock and keys
  • 1-year warranty on parts and labor, and 5-years on the compressor
  • UL / ETL Compliant

Brand: Loft

UPC: 077757191886

Size: 23 3/4w x 27d* x 69 3/4h (in)
*Not including the handle (2 1/2" D)

Weight: 229 lbs

115V / 60Hz; Requires 15-Amp Dedicated Circuit

Capacity: Up to 166 bottles

Material: Stainless-Steel

1-year warranty on parts and labor, and 5 years on the compressor

Loft 1200 Manual


  • This appliance is designed for free standing installation or can be recessed into cabinetry.
  • The wine cellar should be placed in a location where the ambient temperature is between 60-85°F. If the ambient temperature is outside this range, the performance of the unit may be affected.
  • Place your wine cellar on a flat, solid floor that is strong enough to support it when it is fully loaded. To level your wine cellar, adjust the front leveling leg at the bottom of the wine cellar.
  • When moving your wine cellar, please do not incline it more than 45 degrees.
  • Locate the wine cellar away from direct sunlight and sources of heat (stove, heater, radiator, etc.). Direct sunlight may affect the acrylic coating and heat sources may increase electrical consumption.
  • Avoid locating the unit in damp areas.
  • Plug the wine cellar into a dedicated (for this appliance only), properly installed and grounded wall outlet. Do not under any circumstances cut or remove the third (grounding) prong from the power cord. Any questions concerning power and/or electrical grounding should be directed to a certified electrician or authorized product service center.
Our new rolling plate shelves with 80% extension are designed to accommodate Bordeaux and Burgundy*-size bottles in every slot, as follows:
  • Total capacity of 166 Bordeaux-size bottles
  • 88 bottles can be stored in the upper (colder) zone
    • 1 rolling plate shelf with stacked capacity for 22 bottles
    • 6 rolling plate shelves with capacity for up to 11 Bordeaux bottles per shelf
    • Optional presentation shelf (sold separately) with capacity for 20 bottles; can be used to replace 2 rolling shelves (bottle capacity will decline by 13 bottles)
  • 78 bottles can be stored in the lower (warmer) zone
    • 1 half-depth shelf at the bottom with stacked capacity for 12 bottles
    • 6 rolling plate shelves with capacity for up to 11 Bordeaux bottles per shelf
*Please note: Burgundy, Champagne and other larger bottles will reduce capacity.

Ratings & Reviews

6 Reviews

Suzanne OBrien


Started Off Great, Ended Up Kaput! Alot of money to last only 5 years

We purchased our wine cave and stored it for 2 years pending a move into our new home. In 2015 we put it in service and up until a few months ago, it worked beautifully. I loved the real wood, the look, the dual temps for white and red as well as the appearance and blue light for the interior. That stated I am used to appliances that work, not those that suddenly give up the ghost after 5 years which I personally find abhorrent and appalling. If I understand IWA correctly, I am expected to purchase a new wine cave every 5 years which equates to a lot of great cases of wine we could buy instead.

Carl St. Louis, MO -


Loft 1200 Wine Refrigerator

I received this cooler in November of 2016. I loaded it with wine and turned it on. So far the cooler seems to be performing well in taking care of my wine. It runs quietly with no vibration. However I must mention one problem that I found with the cooler. I do have a suggestion that you check the cooler with accurate thermometers to verify it is holding the desired temperatures. On my cooler I set the temperature to 54 Deg F in the upper part and 66 deg F in the lower section. I used my laboratory grade matched thermometers to really check temperatures with better accuracy. With the temps displayed on the unit showing 54F and 66F , the actual temps were 68F in the upper section and 72F in the lower section. I started regulating the set temperatures until I finally got the temperatures I was wanting. The temperatures now showing on the front of the unit are 43F and 56F, which gives me 55F in the top section and 65F in the lower. Humidity shows 57% on the top and 38% on the bottom, but that seems to vary over time. For more accurate readouts of Temperature and Humidity I acquired two Extech Hydro-Thermometer industrial gauges (#445702) from my Local Grainger outlet, that I leave in the cooler continuously. To verify the temperatures on these gauges I placed them side by side with a third Extech gauge and my laboratory grade thermometers and left them in the same location for several days. They all read the same temperatures, which should be a good indication of the accuracy. I don’t know if this is typical for this model cooler, but mine is definitely off the set temperatures. So as I said earlier, it seems to be a very good wine cooler, but the actual temperatures maintained should be verified with accurate measuring devices.

Reply from IWA
Thank you for your detailed feedback. We immediately forwarded your review to our R&D team, and received the following reply from our lead engineer:

"We've done extensive testing on the Loft Series of cooling units. All of the tested Loft cooling units held very tight to the set points. The results of one of the Loft 1200 runs can be seen here: Loft 1200 Test Data 80F Ambient.

We have in our lab a similar Extech thermometer to what the customer said he used, and our experience with these instruments is that they are very slow to respond and need forced air around them to get an accurate sample. For this reason, we use advanced Onset data loggers to record the temperature information during our tests, because they are much more responsive and accurate than Extech, and placement within the zones is critical to get a representative average temperature.

We believe that, if the customer lets the cooler sit undisturbed for 2 or 3 days and then checks the actual liquid temperature in the bottles, they will be very close to the set point. Our understanding is that these wine coolers are designed so that the probe placement that feeds the control display is in strong correlation with the actual wine temperature. Note also that the temperatures set by the customer are approximately 10F higher in each zone than what we tested and what our customers normally set for their wines. In most cases, customers set the warm zone at 55-60F and the cold zone at 45-50F."

We look forward to hearing about your additional testing!



RUN don't walk away from this cooler and the company!!!

This unit is garbage. Both myself and a friend bought a unit and both of them have broken and IWA would not provide any assistance at all. They completely washed their hands of the purchase and tried to blame it on Chinese manufacturing. It is a giant boat anchor and the only "help" they wanted to give is 10% off a new color. Seriously horrible product and service!

Lynn R


Loft 1200 Wine Cooler

I was happy with everything except the fact that the unit would not hold as many of the larger bottles that I wanted.

The ordering process and the delivery were very good.

I was looking for a cooler unit that would hold champagne bottles and Turley bottles which are much larger than the normal size wine bottle.
I am still looking for a unit that will do that.

I would use IWA again but I will have to be more specific about what equipment I want.



Great way to protect our investment

Unit arrived last week right on time (which was not easy considering where we live). Product was in good shape and looks and functions well. Temp settings are right on where we set them. Only concern is that I can't figure out how we could ever get the full 166 bottles in it, but that seems to go with all coolers. Great purchase.