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Decanter Drying Stand (P/N 9305). Leaving the decanter face up to dry, the drops on the bottom of the decanter are impossible to remove. But, turning the decanter upside down is precarious, unless our decanter drying stand is used. The drying stand allows all drops to dry spot-free, while balancing the decanter from falling and breaking.
Perfect for getting a spot-free finish, our decanter drying stand is nickel plated with a white silicone cap at the top of the stem to protect the decanter from slipping or scratches.
  • Ideal for eliminating drops and stains in the bottom of decanters
  • Nickel plated drying stand
  • Silicon tip protects the decanter from scratches and slipping
Brand: Franmara

UPC: 073705093059

Size: 6 3/4w x 6 3/4d x 13h (in)

Weight: 1.4 lbs

Material: Metal

Ratings & Reviews

18 reviews

Great product

by -

The stand is great for displaying and drying our decanters.

Very Useful

by -

This was an long overdue purchase. I do wish it was about 1.5 taller for the one decanter i have that does not work.



Invaluable, especially for larger decanters. Best to use fairly hot water, dry outside of decanter, then hang on an angle.

Clean look


The design and chrome make this a non intrusive addition to our bar.



easy way to dry out decanters

The handy stand


Sounds silly , but this stand is really useful. With so many hard surfaces in the kitchen it would be so easy to break, but having the stand gives it a stable place to dry. Very handy.

Beats the toaster


We love the stand. In the past we would lean it against the toaster to dry. It also looks cool.

Decanter Drying stand


Recently received this stand - it's great! Holds the Decanter in place without danger of falling due to the sturdy bottom & rubber cap on the stand, which allows the decanter to dry without slipping.

I would recommend this stand to anyone. And it's reasonably priced!

Necessary equipment


Have owned one of these for years and recently gifted my two sons with the stand. No more water stains in the bottom!

Excellent for drying your decanter

by -

Our friends suggested that we buy the stand when we told them we were purchasing a decanter. If you've ever tried to dry a decanter, you will appreciate this stand. Just about any decanter will fit on the stand, and it sure beats trying to get rid of water spots. A must for wine drinkers everywhere!

Perfect tool

by -

Great easy to use drying stand, no need to worry about your decanter falling over and it fits all sizes!

Making life a little easier


I don't know why it took me so long to purchase this stand! In the past, I'm always trying to balance my wine carafes upside down, in order to let them dry, hoping they don't get knocked down. This stand takes the worry out of breaking my expensive carafes and also leaves the carafe spot-free.

Decanter Stand

by -

I have a tall decanter and the height of this stand works perfect.

Clear Decanter

by -

The drying stand is doing exactly what I expected. The rack allows for any remaining water to drip out of the decanter.

It does only work for decanters with larger neck openings.

Drying stand


The stand speeds the drying process very helpful

Good, but make sure your decanter is compatible


This was a very economical addition to my collection of wine gadgets, but know that it is specific for a certain decanter size.

Decanter drying stand


Great as expected. Can't imagine having a decanter and not the stand.

Silicone cap too thick for our decanter


Nice price, but our good decanter has a narrow neck & this stand doesn't work for it!