Capabunga Wine Bottle Stoppers Black/Blue Buy 6 Get 8 #16684

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Capabunga Wine Bottle Stoppers Black/Blue Buy 6 Get 8 (P/N 16684). CapaBunga Stoppers fit virtually every bottle and are made to resemble the bungs used to seal barrels during winemaking.

Once you remove the cork and re-seal the bottle with a CapaBunga, it is liquid tight and the bottle can rest on its side or even upside down without leaking.

No more jamming the cork back in the bottle, no more rearranging the fridge to fit an open bottle in the door.
  • Made from high quality reusable silicone.
  • CapaBunga fits fully over the neck of the bottle.
  • Each set of 2 features 1 black cap, and 1 blue.
Set includes 4 2-packs for the price of 3.
CapaBunga is a reusable silicone cap that reseals a bottle of wine after you remove the cork.
  • Made from high quality reusable silicone
  • CapaBunga fits fully over the neck of the bottle
  • Each 2-Pack features 1 black, and 1 blue cap
Brand: Capabunga

Weight: 0.5 lbs

Material: Silicone

Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews

Great stocking stuffer!


These are great stocking stuffers! I like them as they are simple to use.

A good wine bottle stopper


A good product that does what it is supposed to do - re-cap open wine bottles. The low-profile is good as it enables the capped bottle to be placed in most refrigerators. We usually finish a bottle over 2-3 days and this cap seals well enough but is not designed for longer storage. A useful way to cap a wine bottle for short-term storage.

Works great for sealing.


These are so much easier than reusing the cork. They clean easily, and go on and off smoothly. However don't plan to leave your wine over time. These caps do not preserve the wine, they just seal the bottle for continued drinking.



These work well, but they are harder to use than the straight stoppers sold by IWA and Rabbit. I like these subdued colors, though, and they make great stocking stuffers and small gifts. You can’t have too many wine stoppers!