Rialto Corkscrew Burgundy/Grey #85-242

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This new and compact "double lever" opener has separate levers.
Rialto Corkscrew Burgundy/Grey (P/N 85-242). This new and compact "double lever" opener has separate levers. After the first lever is used to pull the cork halfway out it automatically snaps away to allow easy access to the second lever. Combines matte finish ABS with rubber for a luxurious soft feel. Easy-glide worm and curved, serrated knife are standard.
Brand: Epic Products

UPC: 077757852428

Size: 4 3/4w x 3/4d x 1 1/4h (in)

Weight: 0.2 lbs

Material: Stainless-Steel

Ratings & Reviews

7 reviews

Rialto corkscrew exactly the right size


I prefer waiters' corkscrews to fancier, pricier ones that frequently break. The Rialto corkscrew is exactly the right size. In particular, the relative size of the two boot levers makes it very easy to extract even tightly held corks in two easy lifts.

Rialto or a clever knockoff?


Like others have noted, these are considered by IWA to be Rialto. When questioned, they profess the corkscrews are not imitations, but the lack of product markings suggests they are knock-offs. On balance, they do work well, but their protestations that IMA has the trademark and now they are made in Asia rather than Italy fall short. Review the definition of knock-off.

Don't buy, not the same quality, unmarked


I have purchased these in the past and they were great! I recently purchased 4 more as, after years, the ones I had started to break down. What was sent to me looks and feels similar, but I noticed that they are not RIALTO branded and they are much less sturdy. I'm not sure if this is an imitation or if they just dropped the branding and lost the quality.

Rialto Corkscrew


This corkscrew preforms well. Love the soft grip.

The only wine opener I use!

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This is the only wine opener I’ll use. We’ve accumulated several different ones over the years, but I always grab this one. It’s comfortable, works well, and feels good in my hands. I misplaced it for a couple days, and was going crazy using the others in the house, so I bought two more. I found the original so now I have three!!

At Last!


A friend gave me one of these corkscrews several years ago. Every time I would go to someone's house and they had an inferior cork screw I would tell them I had one that worked great - but I could never find one to purchase. I was so happy to finally find this one that I ordered 4! I have plenty of friends who need an easy to use, durable cork screw. Pretty happy that I finally found this one.

Genuine or generic?

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I have a genuine Rialto corkscrew I received when visiting the Verrazzano Winery in Tuscany several years ago. This one, on the other hand, appears generic, more like a "Rialto-style" corkscrew. Oddly, it has no markings on it whatsoever; none of the markings of the manufacturer, where it was made, or even the Rialto logo, all of which are placed prominently on my real Rialto. Compared side-by-side, there are noticeable differences. Bottom line: for $8.00 it's a serviceable corkscrew, but unsure if it's the real deal.