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NEW Vacuum Bottle Stopper Set of 3 (P/N 27274). Now with improved vacuum performance! Protect and preserve your wine using this combination, sleek bottle stopper and vacuum pump.

Save time searching for separate stoppers and pumps, and save space in your refrigerator with its low-profile design.

To use,

  1. Insert the stopper
  2. Pump out the air
  3. Put bottle in the refrigerator
  4. Wine will stay fresh for up to 10 days

Set of 3.

Keep your open wine bottles fresh for over a week by using this simple tool.

  • Rubber grip is airtight in the bottle
  • Low-profile design fits easily in the refrigerator
  • Built-in pump removes air that can oxidize wine
  • No more searching for separate stoppers and pumps

Brand: Epic Products

Size: 1w x 1d x 4h (in)

Weight: 0.4 lbs

Material: Rubber

I bought some of your your bottle tops with a pump. When do you use the pump? After you open the bottle, before you close it or before you use what's let in the bottle? Please explain.

A. If the wine in the bottle is "perfect", you can insert the stopper and pump out the air immediately - otherwise, if the wine is "tight" and will benefit from some aeration, then you can loosely place the stopper in the bottle, and wait until you're finished for the night before vacuuming the air.

Alice -


Vacuum Bottle Stoppers

I ordered these stoppers as part of my "early Christmas shopping" and I am thrilled to share that they are just as depicted in the catalogue.



Double Whammy

Prior reviewers are right on.
Not only is the little pump feckless, but the stopper makes the usual 750 wine bottle unable to fit in any refrigerator shelf.

Chula -


Muy chiquito

The stopper is too short to pull out a significant amount of air from the wine bottle. My previous vacuum stopper was 4" in length. And boy howdy it did the job!

LM -


Unfortunately not satisfied!

These vacuum bottle stoppers simply do not work. They don't fit on the bottle as they should. And when using the vacuum pump, it simply is just a top that goes up and down but does not do what it was advertised to accomplish.

Jenny C -


OK for the price

An awful lot of pumping required.