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NEW Vacuum Bottle Stopper Set of 3 (P/N 27274). Now with improved vacuum performance! Protect and preserve your wine using this combination, sleek bottle stopper and vacuum pump.

Save time searching for separate stoppers and pumps, and save space in your refrigerator with its low-profile design.

To use,
  1. Insert the stopper
  2. Pump out the air
  3. Put bottle in the refrigerator
  4. Wine will stay fresh for up to 10 days
Set of 3.
Keep your open wine bottles fresh for over a week by using this simple tool.
  • Rubber grip is airtight in the bottle
  • Low-profile design fits easily in the refrigerator
  • Built-in pump removes air that can oxidize wine
  • No more searching for separate stoppers and pumps
Brand: Epic Products

Size: 1w x 1d x 4h (in)

Weight: 0.4 lbs

Material: Rubber

I bought some of your your bottle tops with a pump. When do you use the pump? After you open the bottle, before you close it or before you use what's let in the bottle? Please explain.

A. If the wine in the bottle is "perfect", you can insert the stopper and pump out the air immediately - otherwise, if the wine is "tight" and will benefit from some aeration, then you can loosely place the stopper in the bottle, and wait until you're finished for the night before vacuuming the air.

Ratings & Reviews

10 reviews

Bottle Stopper

by -

Great product! keeps the wine preserved. Easy to use

Great idea but a bit difficult to get it into the bottle


Great idea but a bit difficult to get it into the bottle enough to allow the pumping to get the air out. Works ok but needs to slim the body so it can be inserted easier.

Vacuum Bottle Stoppers

by -

The stoppers work well on the rare occasion we don’t finish a bottle (;

Not sure about these

by -

For me I’m not that impressed with these. I have another style of vacuum sealer and it’s easy to tell when you’ve got a good vacuum as it gets harder to pump. With these, you can pump the small plunger seemingly forever without being able to tell if you’ve achieved a good vacuum. Given the small size of the plunger it cannot possible remove much air with each stroke. If you have a bottle that has maybe 1/3 left, I pumped and pumped without being able to tell what was happening. When you pull the device out it is obvious that there was a vacuum created, but no way that I found to know how much air I truly removed from the bottle.

Vacuum Bottle Stopper

by -

2 in 1. Keeping wine fresh

Great purchase and highly recommend


Great product! Vacuums the air from the bottle and definitely will keep more than a week when kept in the refrigerator.

Great stopper


Easy to use and work great!

Great for wine lovers

by -

My daughter and son-in-law like wine. I like that they are a vacuum pump as well as a stopper. Think they will like them.


by -

This bottle stopper is the BEST. Just pump several times, and all the air is removed from the bottle! Next time you open it, you will hear that "pop" sound indicating a vacuum had been created and then broken. These bottle stoppers are FANTASTIC.


by -

Great bottle stoppers.


by -

From description and price, I feared an almost scam.
I was right. Vacuum pump is NO GOOD.

Great Bottle Stoppers


I like these stoppers because they don’t leak, even when the bottles are on their sides.

Great value


These stoppers are great and affordable. Pumping is super fast and easy, and the stoppers are low profile so that the bottle fits easily in the fridge. The less liquid remaining in the bottle, the more pumping is required, which seems obvious.