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Pricing, Shipping and Service Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Wine Cabinet

Base price does not include components
Most wine cabinet manufacturers advertise a BASE price—in other words, before factory finish, windows, universal racking, digital temperature control, premium wood, locks, lights, etc. (Imagine if Lexus quoted its cars before paint, windows, air conditioning, locks or lights...) To get the true price of your wine cabinet, start with the advertised price of the base model. Then add the cost of the components to the base unit price. The price of the wine cabinet with all desired components should be used to compare between similarly-configured wine cabinets. For a comparison of prices and features between several wine cabinet manufacturers, compare wine cabinets.

Le Cache: Simple, straightforward pricing
Le Cache advertised wine cabinet prices include everything but shipping (and taxes for California residents). Le Cache wine cabinets are loaded with features, including premium cherry wood, double-pane glass windows, digital display and temperature control, top-vent cooling, universal all-wood racking, factory finish, light and lock(s)—all at one low price.

We are able to offer high-quality products at incredible prices for three reasons: We are leveraging advances in technology and manufacturing processes to continually improve the quality our wine cabinets; we have reduced the manufacturing cost of our wine cabinets by simplifying our SKUs and eliminating customization; and we have reduced the profit margins on our wine cabinets well below the margins offered on higher-priced competitive products.

To compare our pricing vs. other manufacturers, click on compare wine cabinets.

Wine cabinet dealers generally earn thin margins on sales of BASE wine cabinets, and they earn much higher margins on wine cabinet upgrades. That's why it's important to listen closely to your dealer's recommendations, and make sure that you're getting advice that is honest and objective.

Le Cache: Honest, objective advice
Le Cache wine cabinets come with all the upgrades already included, so Le Cache authorized wine cabinet dealers don't have any incentive to "up-sell" features for our wine cabinets.

To read more about our pricing philosophy and customer service commitment, see About Le Cache.

Ranges from 8-12 weeks
Many wine cabinet manufacturers "estimate" 4 to 6 weeks to ship your wine cabinet, plus another 2 to 3 weeks to deliver your wine cabinet. The elapsed time between placing your order and receiving your wine cabinet can range from 8 to 12 weeks. Try to get a firm commitment...then cross your fingers!

Le Cache: Available for immediate delivery
Le Cache generally ships wine cabinets within 3-5 business days of receiving the order. Once shipped, it generally takes 2 to 3 weeks to deliver wine cabinets. All Le Cache wine cabinet shipments include inside-delivery and set-up.

To learn more about our shipping policy, read Le Cache Shipping Information. To estimate standard shipping charges, including inside delivery and set-up, please use our shipping calculator or give us a call.

Find out how long your wine cabinet is covered under the manufacturer's warranty. Make sure you understand if it's just parts, or just labor, or both parts and labor are covered, and for how long. Find out if the warranty covers the cooling system, the wine cabinet, or both, and for how long. Find out if the entire cooling system is covered, or just the compressor.

Le Cache: 5-Year Limited Warranty
Le Cache stands behind its wine cabinets, offering 5 years of coverage on the cooling system, and 2 years on the wine cabinet. If your cooling system stops functioning, we'll send you a new or factory-refurbished replacement cooling system, and ask you to return your original cooling system to us AFTER you receive and replace the faulty cooling system in your wine cabinet. That way, your wine won't go unprotected unnecessarily. Your cost is the freight to ship the cooling system to and from Le Cache—we'll provide the replacement cooling unit at our expense.

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