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CellarPro 1800 220V Series cooling units are able to maintain temperatures down to7C with the White Wine Modification.

  • Allows CellarPro cooling units to maintain an average of 7.2C when correctly sized
  • Programming includes additional defrost cycles
  • This modification does NOT provide increased BTUH, which is required as the setpoint is lowered
  • Compatible with CellarPro 1800 220V cooling units

CellarPro White Wine Modification 1800 220V (P/N 8798). If you intend to use your CellarPro 1800 220V cooling unit to maintain serving temperatures for white wine, this modification will allow the cooling unit to be set at 7C (vs 9C without the modification.)

Designed to ensure that the evaporator coils won't freeze up, this modification includes an additional probe that is embedded in the evaporator coils, a pre-programmed defrost cycle and a thermostat-controlled electric heating element in the drain pan.

This modification does not change the BTUH produced by the cooling unit. Lower setpoints require significantly more BTUH to maintain colder temperatures inside the wine cellar. To ensure that your cooling unit is properly sized for your cellar, please submit a thermal load request and we'll be glad to calculate the thermal load of your wine cellar—free!

Brand: CellarPro

Material: Metal

1 Year

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