Transtherm Ermitage Glass Black Full Shelf #17035

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Unlike most other cellars, Transtherm cellars are equipped for both cooling and heating - perfect for use in colder climates or regions with a wide variation in seasonal temperatures. This wine cabinet includes rolling shelves in every slot.

  • Made in France by Eurocave
  • Electronic temperature regulation system maintains a maximum temperature variation of 2-3F inside the wine cabinet
  • Integrated lighting control operates in multiple modes
  • Multiple alarms include temperature and humidity alerts
  • Heating element allows Ermitage wine cabinets to operate in unconditioned locations from 32 to 95 degrees F
  • Inner material has been upgraded from thermoformed polystyrene to aluminum
  • New adjustable shelves can be adjusted to achieve the perfect height
  • Transtherm rolling shelves have low-profile grooves designed to easily accommodate all bottle sizes
  • Silent operation measured at 37 dBA
  • Removable door handle made from steel and aluminum (also reversible on glass doors)
  • Premium high-density expanded foam insulation insulation is 4. 5cm thick
  • Thermal pump (a Transtherm exclusive) recycles condensation and maintains humidity between 55% - 80%
  • Natural ventilation avoids mold and bad odors
  • Absence of vibrations through slow and balanced compressors that are disassociated from the cabinet's body

Transtherm Ermitage Wine Cabinet Glass Door Black Fully Shelved NEW (#17035). Holds 182 bottles as configured. The digital thermostat allows you to set and monitor your wine collection at the touch of a button. Its humidity control system not only reduces excess humidity, but also allows you to increase the humidity level by adding water to the system. The integrated heater element allows the wine cabinet to be placed in extreme environments ranging from 32 to 95°F.

Ermitage wine cabinets have 1 temperature zone that maintains ideal conditions from 43 to 64°F and 55%-80% RH for storing and chilling your wine collection.

We offer Ermitage wine cabinets with 14 adjustable rolling shelves (12 bottles per shelf) and 1 half shelf on the bottom. Using this configuration, the wine cabinet holds 182 bottles.

Placement Requirements: Ermitage wine cabinets require 3 inches of clearance behind the cabinets, as well as 2 inches of clearance on the sides and above the cabinets, and are designed to operate in environments ranging between 0-35°C/32-95°F . Transtherm cabinets use 120V / 60Hz power. Single cabinets require a 15-Amp circuit, while double cabinets require two (2) 15-amp circuits.

NEW Design Improvements and Upgrades

Improved Control Panel:

The all-new digital panel provides integrated lighting control and multiple alarms with temperature and humidity alerts

Inner Construction:
The inner material has been upgraded from thermoformed polystyrene to Aluminum

Adjustable Shelves:
Shelves can be adjusted to achieve the perfect height

Silent Performance:
Transtherm wine cabinets provide silent operation at 37 dBA

Removable Door Handle:
Steel and aluminum door handle can be removed, and is reversible on glass doors.

Transtherm Technology
Reinforced Construction:
The walls of the Transtherm Ermitage cabinets are made of three successive thermal barriers. The internal walls have been upgraded to aluminum, and the exterior walls are reinforced at the corners by insulating sections, and injected with 4. 5cm high-density expanded foam to ensure optimal insulation.

Thermal Regulation: When the ambient temperature rises above the setpoint, a cold circuit, driven by a very slow cycle compressor mounted on silent-blocks, automatically comes into action. The cold circuit coil, made of aluminum, is within the aluminum back wall of the cabinet, for a better temperature distribution. When the amibient temperature drops below the setpoint, an electrical resistance, which is also within the back wall, will come into action and automatically increase the temperature.

Natural Ventilation: In order to avoid the mold phenomenon, which would generate bad odors and risk deteriorating the corks, the Transtherm Ermitage has natural permanent ventilation, based on the same principal as the thermal pump.

Absence of Vibration: Choosing slow and balanced compressors, as well as disassociating them from the cabinet's body, allows the elimination of all residual vibrations.

Thermal Pump: The thermal pump process, (a Transtherm exclusive), by reheating the condensation from the evaporator coils, recycles humid air in the cabinet and considerably increases the hygrometry value between 55% - 80%. This principle gives the cabinet natural ventilation and constant air circulation.

Electronic Temperature Control: Transtherm Ermitage cabinets are equipped with an electronic temperature regulation system that regulates the cold and hot circuits and maintains a maximum temperature variation of 2-3°F inside the wine cabinet.

Digital Display:All Transtherm cabinets are equipped with a temperature setting and control panel, featuring a LED display.

Brand: Transtherm

Size: 26 3/4w x 27 1/4d x 72h (in)

Weight: 252 lbs

120V / 60Hz; Requires 15-Amp Dedicated Circuit

Capacity: Up to 182 bottles

Material: Metal

1-Year Limited Warranty - Parts and Labor
5-Year Limited Warranty - Compressor

Owner's Manual (pdf)
Shelf Configuration (pdf)
Door Reversal Instructions (pdf)

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20 Years, still going strong!

I bought this unit in 2000, in NY. moved it to OH in 2004, has kept my prize vintages at a constant 55 degrees, no faults, no problems in almost 20 years.

tim -


Pony Express Delivery Service

Word to the wise: don't be in a hurry to get the cabinet.
I ordered it and was charged $3,842.50 on 8/27/18, which included 1/2 price delivery. It's four weeks later and I have not heard a word about delivery.
If and when it arrives I will update this review.



New Transtherm chiller

Just received unit & waiting to plug in/stock.But looks terrific & appears to be very high quality.

Benjamin -


I love this unit so far.

I've had the Transtherm Ermitage fully-shelved with a glass door for about a month. It's been fantastic. First of all, each sliding shelf is roomy enough to store 12 bottles of Bordeaux, Barolo, Burgundy, etc., as long as the Burgundy bottles are not too, too oversized. I have a variety of Burgundy producers and they all seem to fit. Second, the unit is really silent. If it wasn't for an icon on the display that is shown when the compressor is running, I wouldn't have any idea if the compressor is running or not. Delivery went smoothly, too.

I suggest that, before you position the unit and load it up with bottles, remove the metal cage at the bottom rear of the unit and look to be sure that (1) the power cord is firmly plugged into the unit and (2) the drip tray is positioned in the bottom right (as you are looking at the back of the unit). Once you do this, just screw the metal cage back on. It will only take a couple of minutes.

Texan -


Wine Fridge

Came as expected. Timely shipping and great shipping company. Seems to be a solid fridge. Runs very quiet. As expected if you have large pinot or cab bottles, you will not be able to maximize capacity. I managed to get about 150 bottles with a mixture of bottles.