Rogar Replacement Arm & Drive Champion #34313

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Rogar Replacement Arm & Drive Champion (P/N 34313). This set of genuine Rogar replacement parts is designed for Rogar Champion Openers (sold separately).

Depending on the date that you purchased your opener, the threads on the handle may no longer match the threads on the arm. In this event, a replacement handle with compatible threads also may need to be purchased.

Each set includes:
  • Drive slug and link
  • Metal arm

Please note: many companies offer knockoffs products that look very similar to genuine Rogar products, and some even use our "Estate" brand name. To repair a non-Rogar opener, the best option is to contact the original merchant from whom you purchased your opener.  If you try to use Rogar replacement parts to repair your non-Rogar opener, we cannot guarantee that our part(s) will work. 
Use genuine Rogar replacement parts with your Rogar wine opener.
  • Drive slug and link
  • Metal arm
Brand: Rogar 

Size: 8 1/2w x 3d x 1 1/2h (in) 

Weight: 0.8 lbs 

Material: Metal

Ratings & Reviews

8 reviews



I ordered this arm and drive along with the bushings for my Champion style wine opener and everything fit perfectly. With a clean and lube with lithium grease I was back in business. Now if they will just stop making screw tops I’ll get more use out of it!

Wine opener back in business


I bought this replacement arm about a week ago to replace the one that snapped off. It was an good fit and easy replacement. I am back in business opening wine bottles again.

Too small for bushings


The diameter of the bearing surface of the arm is a whopping 0.008" (8 thou) smaller than the worn arm I was trying to replace. This leaves the new arm sloppier in the housing than the 37 year old arm I was trying to replace. If they're going to send undersized parts, they should include new pivot bushings with the arm. Hopefully pivot bushings that also have an 8 thou smaller ID.

I purchase 4 parts for my opener and all 4 are lacking in quality.

Works great

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This worked great to replace the broken arm from my old opener. It matched the color as well. The auger had to be inserted down through the hole and then pushed into place. A tight fit but works great. I still need to find a wooden handle to replace the last one I apparently threw out with the broken arm

Back in Business - Replacement arm works fantastic


I bought a Champion opener back in 1999 for my wife as a Christmas present and we have used it a lot over the past 20+ years! This replacement arm assembly was easy to install and works perfectly. We are back in business for another 20+ years!

Can't install an auger, my opener is still in pieces, no help from company


The replacement auger doesn't fit into the drive arm. it is impossible. So, my opener is still in pieces. The color of my opener is different than the handle I received. they don't match. Tech support promised me a call to help me with installing the auger, but after 1 week, no one has called me. I am not satisfied with this product at all.

Back in the fight

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We have had our Champion over 14 years 3 moves and a lot of usage. The replacement arm assembly was easy to install and works as if it was day one. Great customer service from the IWA team. Thank you!

Rogar Replacement Arm & Drive

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It's so refreshing to be able to repair things! The arm on my old Champion Bottle opener snapped a week or so ago, and instead of having to throw out the whole thing, I ordered the replacement part here. It quickly arrived and it took about 15mins to switch out the old for the new, and the opener is in perfect working order again.