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Special Requirements for Cabinet Installations #34725

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***** Special Requirements for Cabinet Installations

Cabinet Construction
Wine cellar cooling units are designed to be used in cabinets that are insulated and airtight. If the cabinet doors are not closed and/or not airtight, the cooling unit will create excess condensation, which may cause damage to the cabinet and premature failure of your cooling unit. These conditions are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty.

Required Airflow Outside the Cabinet
Cooling units require fresh air in order to operate. If sufficient airflow is not provided to the cooling unit, it will overheat and eventually shut down. In these circumstances, the owner and the cabinet manufacturer will need to work together to ensure that the cooling unit has sufficient access to fresh air.

Airflow Inside Cabinets Using 1800H Houdini Cooling Units
The cold air vent should not be blocked by racking and bottles, and requires sufficient clearance so that the cold air produced by the cooling unit can be evenly distributed inside the cellar. Without sufficient clearance, the temperature inside the cabinet will be stratified, and cooling unit will "short cycle", leading to premature failure. For this reason, a bottle probe should always be used with the cooling unit, to measure the liquid temperature of a bottle located in the main part of the cabinet.

Electrical Requirements
Each of our cooling units requires a dedicated circuit and clean, uninterrupted power, otherwise the cooling unit may not be able to cool and the compressor may get damaged. We also recommend using a surge protector rated as follows to protect the electrical components inside the cooling unit: 600 Joules; 36000 Maximum Surge Amps; 1800 Output Watts; less than 1ns AC Suppression Response Time; Full Normal Mode (H-N) and Common Mode (N-G/H-G) Line Surge Suppression.

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