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CellarPro Louvered Grill (P/N 761). White louvered grill can be installed ouside the cellar, painted and used to cover the rear of 1800 wine cooling units.

Louvered grill can be mounted outside the cellar to hide the rear of the cooling unit.

  • Hides the cooling unit
  • Louvers are spaced for optimal airflow
  • Made from metal, ideal for wine cellar environments

Brand: CellarPro

Size: 20w x 1/4d x 12h (in)

Weight: 5 lbs

1 Year

Ratings & Reviews

5 Reviews

Chris Lambert


Good product to pair with your CellarPro cooling unit

If you install a pass through cooling unity in your home you're going to need to cover the back side of the unit with a grill. This is for both aesthetics and unit cooling coil protection. The CellarPro grill was a perfect fit to cover the back of the cooling unit. I installed my cooling unit with approximately 1 1/2 inches protruding into the space outside my cellar. There was ample overlap space around the perimeter of the grill to use a 1 inch wide molding between the grill and with wall.



Too much for what you get

This is a standard grille you can buy anywhere. At $40, it is twice the price as mentioned below. If I had it to do again I would purchase somewhere else

K. Taga


Looks good but pricey

We bought this and painted it to blend in and cover QT with air filter.

It looks good.

It is a little pricey as I figured based on the size it is standard and could have been purchased at a Home Improvement store for half the price.



Louvred Grill

Looks good - seems to function as described

Alex Sheydayi


Louvered Grill

It is very good quality. I wish it was deeper than 1/4 inch.