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Le Creuset Foilcutter Black Nickel (P/N FC400LE-50). Le Creuset foilcutters are an essential and indispensable tool for wine enthusiasts.

This foilcutter is made from Nickel, not plastic, for durability and performance.

Includes an attractive black gift box.
The redesigned 4-wheel foilcutter cleanly removes the foil crown from a wine bottle with a gentle twist of your hand.
  • Removes the foil crown from a wine bottle cleanly and easily
  • Four-wheel design requires just a gentle twist of the hand
  • Opens any size wine bottle
  • Made from Nickel for superior durability and performance
  • Velvet black finish
  • Comes with black gift box
Brand: Le Creuset

UPC: 630870249041

Size: 4 1/2w x 3 1/2d x 2h (in)

Weight: 0.6 lbs

Material: Nickel

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No fussing over foil cutting--just use the Le Creuset!


Some great things come in small packages and that is certainly the case with the Le Creuset Foilcutter! I was surprised how "hefty" it was but once I used it the results were amazing! After using many "less than" cutters that simply did not get the job done the Le Creuset was quick and very efficient!

Classy addition to everyones wine assessories


I've used several wine foil cutters in my many years but this Le Creuset foil cutter is the ultimate performer. The nickel plating only adds to its exclusive elegant appearance. More than worth the price.

Best wine bottle foil cutter ever!


By far the best wine bottle foil cutter ever! I have tried so many different foil cutters in the last few years that do not cut the foil. I end up turning the cutter around and around, only to find the foil still on the bottle!
This Le Creuset cutter is amazing. One quarter of a turn and the foil is completely removed! Definitely worth the price.

Well worth it and does the job excellently.

by -

Honest, efficient an excellent service This one was a gift. It might seem expensive but mine has lasted a lifetime over 20 years and does the job it's designed to do wonderfully each time.

Great foil cutter

by -

Very high quality - looking forward to years of use.

Awesome Foil Cutter!

by -

We LOVE this little guy. A HUGE step above the competition. Pricey- but seems very well worth it without a doubt.

LE CREUSET FOIL CUTTER - the best you'll ever own

by -

This is by far the best foil cutter you will ever own. Less that one full turn always removes the foil. I like them so much I give them as gifts to other wine lovers. It makes all other foil cutters obsolete.

It works great!


The foil cutter works great, far superior to the one I had. One cut around the foil and Voila, you are done. I would recommend this product.

Best foil cutter on the market

by -

This is the best-designed and most well-made foil cutter on the market. It is far superior to the less expensive plastic alternatives. Le Creuset uses only metal components — no plastic or resin. It has “heft”, fits the hand nicely and works effortlessly. The packaging is very attractive, making the cutter an appealing gift item. After making the purchase, you won’t regret the higher price tag for a moment.

Works great!


Had been wanting a foil cutter for years. Saw this one on sale, but delayed shipping. Initially. Turns out it arrived with the rest of my order, well before the expected delivery date. Oh and one more thing. It works great. So much better than than my old solution. Definitely recommended.

Wish it had not gone back order.

by -

After I selected some mule cups and cork knives, I still needed another item to get over the $100 hurdle for free shipping and this foil cutter seemed to fit the need. Unfortunately the cutter went back order and would cause my other items to be delivered too late for Christmas. Luckily IWA let me substitute a wine opener, and my order has arrived. Still would like to try the foil cutter.

Works Perfectly


Works perfectly. The best and fastest foil cutter I have ever used. One or two twists and the foil is removed.

Worth it!

by -

I was a bit hesitant to spend the money for this product but it's the real deal and if the day comes that I lose this one -- and I hope that day does not come -- I'll order another!

The only foil cutter you’ll want to own


Great foil cutter! Heavy weight & does all of the work for you. One turn is all that is needed. So much better than other foil cutters I have owned. Well worth the money.

This is the One!

by -

Many foilcutter's on the market, this one is hands-down the best. Solid, heavy construction, easily removes the foil with one easy turn. Much, much better than any plastic device, and will last forever. Very high-quality. The best.

Le Creuset Foilcutter


I was very satisfied with the gift. Foilcutters are getting very hard to find.

This product is a stocking stuffer for my boyfriend and I. It is the perfect size.

Worthy of the price!

by -

It is a sturdy product. It only takes one spin and the foil removes easily!

Don't be foiled


Best foil cutter ever. Adaptable to all bottle sizes.

Great value

by -

Wonderful tool