CellarPro 1800H Houdini Duct KIT (Hot Side) with Inline Fan Factory Installed #30352

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CellarPro 1800H Houdini Duct KIT (Hot Side) with Inline Fan (P/N 30352). These duct kits are designed exclusively for the hot side of CellarPro's 1800H Houdini cooling unit, as follows:
  • Attach to the hot side airflows (intake and exhaust), allowing the cooling unit to push its exhaust and/or pull its fresh air from remote locations (but not from the cellar), mitigating tight installations with insufficient space around the cooling unit, as follows:
    • Fresh air intake: can be ducted from the top (shown) or the right side of the cooling unit
    • Hot air exhaust: can be ducted from the top (shown) or the rear of the cooling unit
Each bundle includes:
  • 2 hoods (1 for intake and 1 for exhaust, both on the hot side)
  • 2 insulated flex ducts (25' each)
  • 1 inline fan with wiring for switched-power
Please note:
  • 2 x 25-foot R-6 insulated ducting is included with this bundle
  • Ducting must be 6-inch diameter or equivalent from start to finish
  • The duct hoods MUST be used for the hot side; the cold side CANNOT be ducted with a fan
The maximum length of ducting is 100 equivalent feet with the fan.
Allows the hot side of CellarPro 1800H Houdini cooling units to be ducted up to 100 equivalent feet (50 feet per duct) using 6-inch ducting with no reductions from start to finish.
  • 50 feet of 6-inch insulated ducting (R-6)
  • Designed to work with hot-side airflow openings on the 1800 Houdini cooling unit
  • Includes an inline fan and wiring for switched power from the cooling unit
Brand: CellarPro

Size: 5 3/4w x 5 3/4d x 4 3/4h

Weight: 26 lbs

115V, 60 Hz, 0.6 amps (Inline Fan)

Capacity: 100 Equivalent Feet

1 Year

The height of the hood (2 1/2 (in)) plus the height of the 6-inch duct collars (2 1/4 (in)) is 4 3/4. The hood is designed to attach to the cooling unit for use with the hot-side airflows (intake and exhaust). Click on one of the following links for more information:

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