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Questions to Ask About Wine Cabinet Cooling Systems

The cooling system is crucial
The cooling system is the most important component in your wine cabinet. Make sure your cooling system is built by a trusted manufacturer, that it is backed by a company that values customer service and stands behind its products. Find out what happens if the cooling unit needs repair. Ask whether parts, or both parts and labor, are covered under the warranty. Call the manufacturer and test if someone will help you, answer questions, provide guidance.

Le Cache: Uses CellarPro cooling units, made in the USA
All Le Cache wine cabinets come with cooling systems from CellarPro, the most advanced wine cooling unit in the wine storage industry. All CellarPro cooling systems are made in the USA by a company dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service. CellarPro backs its products with a 5-year parts AND labor warranty, the best in the industry.

Give us a call any time
Le Cache toll-free at 877.432.2243 and CellarPro at 877.726.8496 during normal business hours—we're here to help!

At the entry-level, wine coolers do a good job of maintaining proper temperatures for wine storage, but they cannot guarantee humidity in the range of 50-70%. Most wine storage cabinets try to maintain humidity in the range of 50-70%, but they do not offer adjustable humidity control—so if your wine cabinet's humidity is too low, you're out of luck. A few wine storage cabinets advertise adjustable humidity through the use of lava rocks and water cassettes—no joke!

Le Cache: Adjustable humidity control
Only CellarPro cooling systems provide adjustable humidity control that can be programmed on the face of the wine cooling unit. Using advanced technology, CellarPro cooling units balance the compressor and fan cycles to adjust the amount of moisture circulated inside the wine cellar. Water does not need to be added to the wine cellar, and no drainage is required when the cellar is properly sealed. Click here for adjustable humidity test results.

Ambient temperatures over 80° may cause problems
Most wine cabinet manufacturers warn that their standard cooling units won't work in ambient environments above 85°F, and they're not kidding! Unless your cabinet is very small and/or your home temperature is below 80°F throughout the year, you'll probably have problems with your cooling unit's ability to maintain the desired temperature inside your cellar.

Le Cache: Advanced cooling power for extreme temperatures
CellarPro cooling systems are more powerful than the competition. In head-to-head tests with controlled ambient temperatures at 85°F, CellarPro's 1800QT outperformed by maintaining average cellar temperatures of 54°F, vs 58°F for the competition. In head-to-head tests with controlled ambient temperatures up to 95°F, CellarPro's 1800XT outperformed by maintaining average cellar temperatures of 58°F, vs 65°F for the competition.

Wine cabinets with forced air cooling systems are slightly louder than wine cabinets with cold wall cooling systems when the fan in the cold wall wine cabinet is turned off. Unfortunately, you need to run the fan in wine cabinets with cold wall cooling systems to maintain even temperatures inside the cabinet.

Forced air cooling systems produce lower temperature fluctuations and higher humidity levels than cold wall cooling systems, which remove moisture from the air inside the cabinet. Forced air cooling systems generally require minimal maintenance, whereas cold wall cooling systems require drip pans that need to be cleaned and sometimes use air filters that need to be replaced. When service is necessary, forced air cooling systems can be separated from the wine cabinet and replaced easily, whereas cold wall cooling systems are integrated into the cabinet and therefore are difficult and nearly impossible to replace and expensive to repair.

Le Cache: "Ultra-quiet" forced air cooling systems
All Le Cache wine cabinets feature ultra quiet, vibration-free cooling technology from CellarPro. In its upright wine cabinets, Le Cache only uses forced air cooling systems that are top-venting, which are quieter than standard (rear-venting) cooling units. Le Cache wine cabinets are constructed with foil-faced expanded polyurethane insulation —never styrofoam—so the cooling unit isn't "on" all the time.

CellarPro 1800QTL wine cooling units emit 41 decibels (dBA) when installed in Le Cache wine cabinets. In addition, Le Cache wine cabinets are top-venting, which are more quiet than common rear-venting wine cabinets.

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