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Duct Heat Loss: 10" Ducting Front

CellarPro Wine Cellar Buying Guide—Front Duct Heat Loss 10" BTUH Adjustment for 55°1

Total Linear Feet of Ducting (10" Diameter / R6 Insulation3)

Ambient2 Temperature











87   175   262   349   436


131   262   393   524   654


175   349   524   698   873


218   436   654   873   1091


262   524   785   1047   1309


305   611   916   1222   1527


349   698   1047   1396   1745


393   785   1178   1571   1963

If you will be ducting the cold air supply and return air to and from a wine cellar, the "heat loss" through the ducting must be considered when sizing the cooling unit. This table calculates the heat loss given: 1) The ambient temperature where the ducting is located, 2) Total length of the ducting, assuming R6 insulation and wine cellar temperature at 55°F. When calculating the thermal load of your wine cellar in a front-ducted application, always consider the BTUH from the table above, and add it to the box load from our other tables.

(1) The table calculates the additional BTUH to be added to box load for the wine cellar, assuming R6 insulation on the ducting and 55°F temperature inside the cellar.

(2) Select the BTUH based on the ambient temperature in the area through which the ducting will be located.

(3) Select the BTUH based on the TOTAL linear feet of ducting (ie add the linear feet for both the supply and return air to/from the wine cellar. It is not necessary to add the linear feet, if any, from ducting the rear (ie hot air supply and return) of the cooling unit.