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Door to Door (BILD 800)
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BILD 800 Wine Room Black (P/N 7343). With stained hardwood racking for 800 bottles, BILD wine rooms are perfect blends of function and value. These wine cabinets feature durable, durable melamine laminates on all exterior surfaces, thermal and UV protection, and advanced wine cellar refrigeration by CellarPro Cooling Systems. All panels are framed and insulated with high-density foam, and wood wine racks are efficiently sized to accommodate oversized bottles.

BILD 800 racking is located on the left and right walls for easy access, with storage capacity for 320 bottles in 3-3/4 inch individual slots on each wall. In addition, 13 cubic feet of bulk storage space exists atop the racks, perfect for up to 156 Bordeaux-size bottles, or for oversized bottles like Magnums and large Champagne bottles.

Ventilation requirements: The cooling unit can be top vented or rear vented, as follows:
  • Top venting means that the cooling unit's intake and exhaust will occur at the top of the wine room (centered on either the left or the right wall). Top venting allows the wine room to be 2-3 inches away from adjacent walls, and requires 6 inches of clearance atop the wine room
  • Rear venting means that the cooling unit's intake and exhaust will occur on the left or right wall of the wine room, and requires 4-6 inches of clearance behind the cooling unit.
In both configurations, ample clearance above or behind the cooling unit is necessary for proper air circulation, and the location must be sufficiently large for the hot air generated by the cooling unit to dissipate.

BILD wine rooms should not be placed in environments that exceed 95F or fall below 50F. Door must be locked to ensure an airtight seal.

BILD wine rooms and cabinets require assembly. All assembly hardware is included with your purchase.
NOW WITH THE MOST ADVANCED COOLING UNITS FROM CELLARPRO! BILD 800 walk-in wine rooms come with supercharged CellarPro 1800XTS-ECX cooling units, all-wood Universal racking, double-pane tinted glass windows, locks, and lights. Our BILD Series are packed and shipped flat, and offer tremendous value and savings with many of the same features as our more expensive Le Cache wine cabinets. Features include:
  • Durable Black Melamine Finish
  • 3 3/4-inch Stained Hardwood Racking
  • Tinted double-pane glass
  • Stainless bar pull and security locks
  • CellarPro 1800XTS-ECX wine cooling unit (made in USA)
  • Electronic Thermostat and Digital Display
  • Adjustable Humidity Control
  • Energy-Saver and Quick-Chill Modes
  • Audible and Visual Alarms
  • Choice of Top or Rear-Vent Exhaust
  • High Performance Air Filtration System
  • Low-heat interior light
  • Optional bottle probe
  • R-9 in all insulated panels
  • Five-year warranty on the cooling system
  • One-year warranty on entire cabinet
  • Optional Extended Warranty
  • In-stock items ship within 2-3 days
Brand: BILD

UPC: 077757073434

Size: 83w x 50d x 83h (in)

Weight: 1245 lbs

115V AC / 60 Hz
Running / Startup Amps (compressor)
- CellarPro 1800XTS-ECX: 3.6 Amps / 22.2 Amps

Capacity: 800 bottles

Material: Melamine Laminate

1 Year (Cabinet) / 5 Years (Cooling Unit)
Optional Extended Warranty

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Useful Information

The cooling unit plugs into a standard wall outlet, and the outlet should be on a dedicated circuit. The components of the cooling unit draw 3 amps, and the electric outlet on the side of the cooling unit also is rated for 3 amps. The cord extends 6 1/2 feet from the back of the cabinet. If an extension cord is used, it should be 14-gauge wire or thicker, grounded, and as short as possible. We recommend using a surge protector rated at 15 amps or more. Under no circumstances should the wine cabinet share a circuit with another motor or compressor-based appliance, like a wine cooler, fridge or air conditioner.

The floor where you'll be placing the cabinet must be completely flat.  Because of the significant weight of your wine cabinet, it is important that you consider the weight load factor of the floor as compared to the weight of the cabinet (. 

After loading your wine cabinet with wine bottles, it will be extremely heavy. When selecting a location for your cabinet, make sure that the floor underneath is strong enough to support the weight of the cabinet (1195 lbs) plus the weight of the bottles (approx. 2400 lbs. assuming 800 bottles). 

CellarPro cooling units are designed to handle temperatures ranging from 50 to 95F.

The cooling unit generates hot air that must be exhausted in such a way that it won't be recirculated by the cooling unit. If the hot air cannot be dissipated or channeled properly, and the cooling unit is forced to recycle its own hot air, the cooling unit will be unable to maintain cold temperatures inside the wine cabinet and/or it will run all the time.

BILD wine rooms and cabinets require assembly. All assembly hardware is included with your purchase.
BILD 800 racking is located on the left and right walls for easy access, with storage capacity as follows:
  • 320 bottles in 3-3/4 inch individual slots on each wall. 
  • 13 cubic feet of bulk storage space atop the racks, perfect for up to 156 stacked Bordeaux-size bottles, or for oversized bottles like Magnums and large Champagne bottles. 
Additional storage for stacked cases is available on the floor, and is not included in the figures above.

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Very well made; somewhat tricky to assemble


Picture a furniture kit from a popular Swedish furniture company, only the pieces weigh hundreds of pounds. It's incredibly well designed and thought-out. It's very impressive how everything fits together, and it looks and runs great. In hindsight I love it.... When you first turn on the cooling unit, don't give up. Mine sat there for about 15 minutes before it decided to start running, and it's run great ever since. (Read the complete review here:

Bild 800


This is the first time in my long life that i'm spending $5K on something i've never seen! Sean Cox has been good to deal with on the phone and I'm trusting the unit will be perfect for our wine storage. For $5K, pick a gift that reflects the size of my purchase! Thanks

Happy customer

by -

Arrived on schedule, BILD 800.
Large palate, placed inside my garage.
Couple hours to unpack, dispose of packing materials.
A day and a half to fully assemble.
The walls, floor, roof, all very solid, heavy, high quality.
The racks , once assembled, very nice.
Suggestions, a ratcheting 13mm box wrench would speed assembly of the room.
When assembling the racks, had to counter sink a few holes deeper.
You should have a power screw driver to assemble the racks, we did.

Only missing 1 item, called by contact, Ben, missing item, shipped same day.
I now have two LeCache storage units.
My wine vault has been trouble free for 8 years, still looks like new.
Very happy customer.

The Thing is a Monster!


Just thought I would give you a brief update.

The thing is a neighbors were thinking I had a new cardboard car in my garage. Well, the delivery was painless. The drivers maneuvered the beast into the garage with little effort. After unwrapping and pulling the packing (which was very well done as I found no issues with the pieces due to shipping). My wife and I were able to get a few of the pieces to the basement where the unit is installed. I enlisted the help of my neighbor for the four big pieces which were, surprisingly, not too heavy. With all the pieces in the basement, I proceeded to start the assembly. getting the walls up was not too difficult (getting all the nuts screwed done was a bit of a challenge due to the tight space, a Sears ratchet wrench may have been useful). With the walls up, my neighbor and I lifted the roof into place with my son and wife bracing the walls. Once in place, we bolted it together and moved to the back wall. This was what I expected to be a real twenty or so pegs into holes all at once. Again to my surprise, it slid in fairly easily (with a little persuasion from the rubber mallet). Got that and the front bolted down, door installed and called it a day. Next, I installed the cooling unit and started on the wine racking. The racking went together with no issues (another surprise in a growing list). Put the racking in the room and turned on the cooling. Seems to be running pretty well so far. Total time invested in install is probably 12 - 14 hours.

Just a comment on the construction of this wine is great. The assembly was great (considering the size of this thing, it was easy!). The quality of the materials is very good, the walls are sturdy as are the racks. All told this is a great unit (from a build perspective). Only complaint I can even try to bring up is that the caps for the bolt holes on the inside of the unit are dark brown while the interior is a lighter color...makes them stand out more than they should (sorry had to come up with something).

Now, the task is to move the wine into the room, a task for the weekend. I will follow-up with some comments on the performance and a few pictures of the room when I can.