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CellarPro 2000VS Cold Side Duct KIT HIGH RH RETROFIT #27109

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CellarPro 2000VS Cold Side Duct KIT HIGH RH RETROFIT (P/N 27109). Duct openings are designed to attach to 2 insulated 6-inch ducts (2 x 25' insulated flex ducts are included in this kit) for evaporator intake and exhaust. Custom design allows access to controls and switches on the face of the cooling unit.

Shown at left: cold side duct kit (left) AND hot side duct kit (right). The rear duct kit must be purchased separately.

The exhaust exits from the top, and the intake returns from the front.

Kit includes: Cold-side duct hood for intake and for exhaust, 2 x 25-ft insulated 6-inch fex ducting, remote control display retrofit and bottle probe.

The high fan speed setting is required when our unit is ducted.

Bottle Probe Operating Instructions:.
  • When measuring liquid temperatures, the (HY) differential should be set at 1 degree (so that the wine liquid doesn't fluctuate more than 1 degree.)
  • When measuring air temperatures, the (HY) differential should be set at 4 degrees (the cooling unit will burn out prematurely if the unit cycles on'off every time the air temperature changes by 1 degree.)
  • The probe or bottle/probe must be located in a location with good air movement in order to correctly register the temperature changes inside the cellar.
  • When measuring air temperature with ducted systems, the ideal location for the bottle probe is in the return air register; when measuring air temperature with through-the-wall systems, the ideal location for the bottle probe is near the return air grill; when measuring liquid temperatures in bottles, the ideal location of the bottle is near the top of the racks with good airflow.
  • In all cases, it is recommended to check the actual cellar temperature against the display temperature when the bottle probe is first setup and subsequently whenever the location moves.
  • Refer to our Owners Manual for instructions how to change the HY differential

Be sure to refer to our ducting heat loss table and our duct correction table when sizing the cooling unit.
Custom duct kit RETROFIT for CellarPro 2000VS cooling units. With this kit, the cold air intake and exhaust each can be ducted up to 50 equivalent feet (25 feet per opening).
  • Attaches easily to the front (intake) and top (exhaust) of 2000VS refrigeration systems
  • Provides access to cooling unit control panel and switches
  • Designed for easy hook-up to 6" ducting
  • Both openings must be ducted to the cellar (total of 50 equivalent feet)
  • Includes our remote probe with 10' cord which plugs into face of the cooling unit on one end, and measures air or liquid temperature inside the cellar on the other end
  • Includes our remote control display kit, which can be installed inside or outside the cellar
  • Extra insulation for installation in UNCONDITIONED environments
  • Includes 2 x 25-ft 6-inch flex ducting
  • Designed for purchase when the cooling unit already has shipped

Brand: CellarPro

Size: 14 3/16w x 4 11/16d x 27 1/2h (in)

Weight: 35 lbs

Capacity: 50 Equivalent Feet

1 Year

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