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Ducting Terms & Conditions #36088

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1. FAN SPEED: The HIGH fan speed MUST be used whenever an airflow is ducted.

2. LENGTH, TURNS AND TYPE OF DUCTING: Please carefully follow our ducting guidelines. For example, the linear feet plus the number of turns (at 8' per turn) equals the equivalent feet, which cannot be exceeded for each unit. Similarly, the size of the ducting is critically important, and cannot be reduced anywhere in the duct run. Cold side ducting must always be insulated to R6 or better, and the duct connections must be airtight. CellarPro OEM duct hoods must always be used when ducting our cooling units.

3. SCREENS AND GRILLS: Our cooling units use screens and louvered grills to provide finger protection from the internal fans. When openings are ducted, any removable non-aesthetic screens and grills should be removed.

4. REMOTE DISPLAY: When a cooling unit is placed in a remote location from the cellar, the cold side of the cooling unit is likely to have condensation which can damage the electrical components inside the cooling unit. For this reason, remotely-located units should be configured with our Remote Display/Control Unit, which is a sealed electrical assembly and therefore less susceptible to damage from moistur(more...)

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