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Nambé Spiral Wine Chiller (P/N 6190). Thanks to the excellent thermal properties of the metal, the thick-walled chiller can be placed in the freezer before use, or in the oven if you plan to serve your sake hot at the table. Your favorite bottle of white wine or champagne stays cool and crisp when served in our dramatic spiral Wine Chiller.

Chill Test: In August 2008, we conducted a test through an independent lab to compare how long wine stayed chilled when held in the Tilt Wine Chiller vs. no chiller. Two identical bottles of wine were cooled at 41 degrees F. for 24 hours and then subjected to an ambient temperature of 75 degrees F., one placed in the Tilt Wine Chiller. The bottle with no chiller reached room temperature in 2.58 hours, while the bottle in the chiller stayed cooler three times longer-not reaching room temperature for 8.16 hours.

As with all Nambé metal pieces, function stands beside beauty in purpose. The proprietary eight-metal aluminum-based alloy has the luster of silver and the solidity of iron. It can be preheated to 500 degrees or chilled in the freezer; this coupled with its superior temperature retention properties makes Nambé Alloy markedly useful for cooking and serving. Nambé Alloy does not contain silver, lead or pewter (a tin and lead alloy) and resists tarnishing. However, it is susceptible to discoloration or pitting with acidic foods. Therefore, it is not recommended any food be stored in Nambe metal or held for greater than a few hours.
Embracing a bottle with elegant ease, the dramatic wine holder features a spiral stepped rim, like you're journeying up a spiral staircase toward unknown delights.
  • Nambé Alloy retains temperature for extended periods of time, so prior to use, you can chill or warm your Nambé Alloy pieces to hold food at a desired temperature
  • Chills wine bottles quickly and keeps them cold for hours without ice
  • Each Nambé piece goes through a series of shaping, grinding, buffing, and polishing steps; slight imperfections found on Nambé's brilliant finish are characteristic of the sand casting process
  • Since Nambé is hand-crafted, no two pieces are exactly alike
  • Frequent use will result in a natural patina; many Nambé aficionados appreciate and encourage this patina, however luster can be restored by applying a small amount of Nambé Polish with a soft cloth
Brand: Nambe

UPC: 761323061900

Size: 4 1/2w x 4 1/2d x 8 1/2h (in)

Weight: 4.2 lbs

Capacity: 750 ml Wine and Champagne bottles

Material: Aluminum

Care and Use.
Avoid using your Nambe Alloy with acidic foods, and never place it in the microwave or dishwasher. Hand wash your Nambe with mild detergent and water, then dry immediately with a soft clean cloth. An occasional application of Nambe Polish restores any gleam lost to time and use.

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Nambe Spiral Wine Cooler


The item that we received was scratched and Sonoma Wine Accessories has been extremely responsive in getting a replacement shipped from Nambe