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Riedel Ultra Magnum Decanter 70 Oz (P/N 2400/13). Decanting young wine several hours before they are served allows the wine to bloom and attain a stage of development that normally requires years of aging. Made from lead-free crystal.

Decanting old wines just a few moments before they are served helps to ensure that the wines' clarity and brilliance are not obscured by deposits and sediment.


Decanter Features
  • Enhances the enjoyment of wine with drama and flair
  • Ensures old wines' clarity and brilliance
  • Allows young wines to bloom and develop
  • Mouth-blown with non-leaded crystal

    Condition: Brand New

    Capacity: 70 oz

    Size: 9 1/2h (in)

    Weight: 6.5 lb

    P/N: 2400/13

    UPC: 9006206310036


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    Impressive decanter

    by Georgiana D.
    Stunning conversation and centerpiece for table settings. Striking size that holds a lot of wine and makes it easy to swirl. It is the best quality decanter I have seen, absolutely worth the price.

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    Maximum aeration

    by Hans
    I have always like the classic "ships decanter" style for maximum aeration. Ships Decanters were used on many a voyage from the old country. The sturdy wide base would keep it from tipping and rolling around the Captain's table. This is the decanter I use for very old big reds.

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