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Rabbit Wine Bottle Stoppers Set of 2 (P/N 6119). And their happy colors and shiny stainless tops make them downright irresistible.

Each package includes a set of 2 wine stoppers. Colors are chosen at random.

Minimum order quantity: 2 x 2-Packs (4 Stoppers).

These re-usable wine stoppers slow down the oxidation process that occurs after opening a bottle of wine, and allow you to extend the life and enjoyment of your wine.


  • Easy to use and re-usable
  • Fun and practical party-favor
  • Provides an air-tight seal to prolong and preserve opened bottles of wine
  • Fits all bottle sizes
  • Silicone and stainless steel
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Two colors per package


Condition: Brand New

Weight: 0.1 lb

P/N: 6119

UPC: 022578061191