CellarPro Condensate Drain Line REAR 1800 (P/N 1606). Recommended when the wine cooling unit will be installed in a wine cellar, 1/2-inch ID condensate fitting and 8-foot clear vinyl tube allows overflow condensation to exit from the rear of the cooling unit.

This option is designed to be factory-installed.

A condensate drain line is strongly recommended for wine cellar installations of 1800 Series wine cooling units.

If you already have purchased a CellarPro 1800 Series cooling unit, do not order this item; instead, you should order our Condensate Drain Line Retrofit Kit.


  • 1/2-inch ID condensate fitting
  • 8-foot drain line


Condition: Brand New

Size: 10 feet (drain line)

Weight: 0.0001 lb



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Not leaving this to chance ...

by Steven R.
Well, I am not certain whether an external drain was actually a necessity. My former unit was freezing up with condensation which could have been caused by a number of issues other than overly moist air. However, this drain line is easy to install, directions are clear and easily understood, and the peace of mind is amazing.

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