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Pomettas Balsamic Vinegar (P/N 7348). Sonoma Gourmet Specialty Food Company, located in Sonoma, California, is owned and operated by Chefs Roger Declercq and Bill Weber.

The idea of producing restaurant quality sauces and condiments for the retail market was conceived while the two chefs were employed preparing fine foods in the ski resort restaurants around Lake Tahoe. The ambiance of the California Wine Country with its well-earned reputation for fine food and drink drew Bill and Roger to Sonoma County and to the founding of Sonoma Gourmet in the spring of 1990.

Pometta's extra-virgin cold-pressed olive oil (sold separately) comes from California's wine country, and 15-year old northern Italian Balsamic vinegar are luxurious essentials for any chef.


Condition: Brand New

Size: 3" W x 2"D x 13"H

Weight: 2.38 lb

P/N: 7348


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