Mardi Gras Flutes 6-Pack (P/N TG571). Made from hand-worked borosilicate glass, these textured flutes will add sparkle and personality to any party.

Each flute in the set features a unique pattern, including stripes, dots, and swirls. These flutes are light and delicate, specifically designed for special toasts and celebrations.

Because the flutes are hand-made, each flute will have its own character, personality, and imperfections.

Hand wash.

Set of 6.

Accent your table with color and style with our all-new Mardi Gras hand-made flutes.


Condition: Brand New

Capacity: 5 oz per flute, 6 oz to brim

Size: 3 W x 3 D x 7 H (inches)

Weight: 3 lb

P/N: TG571


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by Gail Prestpm
I bought two sets, at first I was disappointed as they felt like plastic then I knocked them over (by accident) and broke 4 of the glasses. after using them I have come to really like them and am glad I bought two sets since I now have 6 glasses

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