Le Creuset Aerator, Pourer, & Stopper (P/N WA119L-31). Just place in the bottle and let the pourer gently aerate your wine with more aroma, fuller flavor, and no bitter tannins. As wine breathes, it releases its intended aromas and flavors.

Le Creuset uses a double-aeration chamber system that allows the wine to breathe while it is being poured. Simply attach the aerator to any standard bottle, and enjoy hands-free operation with controlled flow and gentle pouring.

The aerator provides an airtight, leak-proof seal that locks-in flavor and preserves partially-opened bottles.

Le Creuset's new Aerator, Pourer, and Stopper is a stylish 3-in-1 tool that enhances the flavor, bouquet, and finish of any wine.


  • Easy to use—place the aerator in any standard bottle and pour wine for instant aeration
  • Mixes proper amount of air in just the right amount of time
  • Quickly and conveniently enhances the flavor, bouquet, and finish of any wine
  • Airtight, leak-proof seal locks in flavor to preserve partially opened bottles


Condition: Brand New

Weight: 0.4 lb

P/N: WA119L-31

UPC: 630870092746


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Sometimes it works

by James
Have yet to get this item to work consistently as intended/advertised. It does form a good seal and if you can get all the openings lined up correctly will pour but that is not without some effort.

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