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Crafthouse Bar Tools and Shaker Set (P/N CRFTHS.SHAKERST). Made with the highest-grade materials and designed by Charles Joly, prestigious Chicago mixoligist named World Bartender of the year in 2014, these commercial-grade bar tools are ideal for home and professional bartenders alike.

Made to honor prohibition-era barware and updated with modern ergonomic principles, each set includes:

  • 1 Boston Shaker with pour lines on the cup at 2 oz and 4 oz, and with the perfect agled fit to avoid leakage
  • 1 Muddler with a smooth surface that avoids tearing the ingredients, a flat, sharp circular edge to reach into the corners of the glass, and design cues for ideal hand placement
  • 1 Hawthorne Strainer that perfectly fits the mouth of the shaker, with classic bent tabs that sit perfectly inside the shaker and well-spaced openings for small pours
  • 1 Jigger that is multi-functional for 1/8, 1/2 and 2 oz pours, and a beak for drip-free pouring
"I wanted to create barware that people would look at 10 years or 50 years from now and want to use. This line is timeless and works. I hope people enjoy it for years to come." - Designer Charles Joly.

Size (inches):

  • Shaker: 3 1/2w x 3 1/2d x 11h,
  • Strainer: 5w x 5d x 1h,
  • Jigger: 2w x 2d x 4h,
  • Muddler: 1 1/2w x 1 1/2d x 2h

The Crafthouse Tools and Shaker Set features commercial-grade cocktail tools for professional and home bartenders.


  • Professional quality tools
  • Designed by World Champion bartender Charles Joly
  • Mid-century design with modern ergonomic principles
  • Multiple measuring lines
  • All tools are sized to match and fit perfectly
  • Muddler has a squared bottom to bring out the best flavors
  • Set includes Boston Shaker, Hawthorne Strainer, Jigger, Muddler


Condition: Brand New

Weight: 5 lb


UPC: 646292276282