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Brushtech Goblet Washing Brush (P/N B232C). Dishwasher safe.

Reinforced foam bristles are 100% non-scratching, and will not mark your most delicate glassware.


  • Foam brush cleans hard-to-reach wine stemware where fingers can't reach
  • Reinforced foam bristles won't scratch or mark your most delicate glassware
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Made in the USA


Condition: Brand New

Size: 3 1/2w x 10 3/4d x 2 1/2h (in)

Weight: 0.2 lb

P/N: B232C

UPC: 079115002322


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Most Helpful Reviews


Wine glass cleaning brush

by TC
I like the brush but it is a little too big for my bordeaux and everyday Riedel wine glasses. It would be good if IWA made one a little less wide but not as narrow as the linear one that exists. I really like the material of the brush. Definitely a steal for larger wine glasses and goblets.

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Goblet Washing Brush

by Shade
This works great on big glasses. However, on smaller opening that are available on finer crystal glasses this is a tight fit and a risky move. I would suggest trying this on better glasses and coming up with a size that is more compitable.

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by Randall
The goblet brush is rather large -- it barely fits inside the bowl of the larger Riedel pinot glasses.

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Brushtech Goblet brush

by Naplesnorm
I have used one of these brushes for years and love it. IWA is a great company to do business with, however, the brushes are not as pictured in the catalog and I had to return them. Rather than having a completely plastic handle as pictured, the brushes came with a twisted wire shank. It was coated but I would be afraid to use it on fragile stem ware. IWA was very gracious about the return and refund. Sure wish I could get one with an all plastic handle like my old one.

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