CellarPro Bottle Probe (P/N X/10K-E-PO-7"-10'CL2P-M232 (1061 rev01)). Bottle probes are recommended when the wine cooling unit will be placed remotely (ie the cold air will be ducted), and/or it cannot be placed near the top of the wine cellar. The bottle probe also can be used in odd-shaped wine cellars to control the cooling unit based on temperatures "around the corner".

Our bottle probe, which includes a rubber bottle stopper to avoid leaks and spills, can be inserted into a wine bottle filled with water and alcohol to avoid bacteria growth. The 10-foot cord allows the bottle to be placed almost anywhere inside the wine cellar.

The other side of the probe is fitted with a jack that plugs directly into the face of the wine cooling unit.

When using a bottle probe, we recommend reducing the temperature (HY) differential from 4 degrees to 1 degree. Refer to our Owners Manual for further instructions.

Compatible with all CellarPro wine cooling units.

Bottle probe temperature sensor allows our wine cooling units to cycle on/off based on changes in liquid temperature inside the wine cellar.


  • Digital temperature control based on liquid temperature
  • Jack plugs directly into the face of the wine cooling unit
  • Rubber bottle stopper fits most wine bottles; prevents spills and leaks
  • 10-ft cord allows maximum flexibility in placement of wine bottle
  • Recommended when the wine cooling unit will be placed remotely or low in the wine cellar
  • Also can be used in odd-shaped wine cellars


Condition: Brand New

Size: 10 Ft Cord

Weight: 0.5 lb

Warranty: 90 Days

P/N: X/10K-E-PO-7"-10'CL2P-M232 (1061 rev01)


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bottle probe

by Peter
Works well and eary to install. I like the long wire connection that lets you place proble away from unit. Can not undersatand why every one would not be ording one, Should probably just be bundled with cooling unit.

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Great addition - really a necessity.

by J. Bordelon
After installing a CellarPro cooling unit in a fairly small wine cellar, the unit was cycling too often just based on air temperature. Purchased and install the remote bottle temperature probes, inserted it into a small wine bottle filled with water/alcohol, and now the unit operates much better and wine temperature is more even.

As other commenters have pointed out, this probe should be part of any cooling system from the start.

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Air vs Liquid Temp

by Shawn
There are many mixed reviews online as to the best way to regulate wine temp. If you have your cellar set to cycle the recommended +/- 2 degrees F (or 4 differential) based on air temp, the actual "liquid" temp is more likely to stay at a constant temperature given the amount of overall thermal cooling mass in the cellar. Additionally, you have the safeguards of the cellar thermostat to alert you quicker that there may be a problem if the temperature gets too high for instance vs waiting much much longer for the liquid temp to get out line. With a bottle probe, you are allowing the actual wine to increase and decrease continually by the +/- 1 degree F (or 2 degrees) vs allowing the air temp to keep the liquid temp more regulated and stable, which stability is more important than the actual temp setting itself. However, I did purchase this item so that I can periodically cross check the actual temperature of the liquid by plugging and unplugging the probe (which is easy to access in the front left) so I know the actual liquid temp....since the thermostat on the cooler is measuring air closest to it. Would be great if the cooling system would show both air temp and liquid temp while letting you still choose which to regulate the on/off.

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